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October 22, 2012

Daniel asks…

How would you feel if your boyfriend lived in a place like this?

How would you feel if your boyfriend had this living situation?
Lets say you had a boyfriend whos only option was to sleep in his car or a widowless guest house with no bathroom in his parents backyard.

Would you visit him? You as the female are struggling and live with your grandmother.

Your boyfriend lost his job becuase of the tough economy.

The cabin that he could stay in has heat a single bed. There is also a top loft bunk bed.

Your boyfriend isn’t crazy about staying in a small windowless guest house.

You as the female feel that this is his only option.

How would you get your boyfriend to become comfortable in a guest house with no windows?The guest house has heat and keeps out rain and wind.
This little 100 square feet guest house has a solid door with a house style door nob and lock.

He doesn’t like being inside this little house with the door closed becuase it gets very dark inside.

If you were visiting your boyfriend in the little guest house at night would you close the guesthouse door when leaving? Or would you ask him if he wanted it closed?

Lets say he had the door open while you were inside visiting him.

If this guy wants me to help him paint the inside walls and door should I help him?

Do you think murals on the inside walls and a mural for the inside of the wall would be a good idea?

If this guy wants me to help him paint the inside walls and door should I help him?

Do you think murals on the inside walls and a mural for the inside of the wall would be a good idea?

What should he/I paint on the interior walls? What about the interior door?

Here is a picture of the guest house on the outside

Here is the inside of the guest hosue

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Additional Details
apartment rents in his area go for$1100 a month for a studio
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Administrator answers:

Yes it
will be nice

Donna asks…

Decorating advice for built-in bookshelves in dining area?

Sorry this is so long. I’m trying to be as descriptive as possible since I can’t post a photo.

I have an apartment with white built-in bookshelves in the dining area. There are two columns and five rows of shelves.

The shelves start at the floor level. We have vaulted ceilings so there’s also a “loft” space above the shelves which would be a great space for some greenery.

Here’s my dilemma. What should I do with these shelves? I was using them as space for projects and homework, but now that I’m finished with school, I want that space to look like it should.

I have a few things sitting there…a small wine rack and some trinkets and candles, but it seems very sparse.

Amy suggestions you have or helpful links would be great. Again, keep in mind that these shelves are in the dining area. I’m not sure I want it full of books, plus I already have a nice rack in another area where I keep my cookbooks.


Administrator answers:

When I had wide open spaces above I put big white different shaped pots on the beam. The lower area I fill them up with stuff I love. Things I made. What do you love? That’s where you start because this is where you live. My home is sea/safari/Egyptian. I have a passion for seashells. A tremendous collection of them. I have different sized glass canisters/corked tops filled with seashells all hand pain stakingly sanded/polished and strategically placed inside. [I cheated and used a white paper towel tube in the middle to cut down on the amount of actual shells/driftwood] All different sizes of bottles and shells. I also found a tabletop antique copper gumball machine that I filled with shells as well as an antique pewter Asian brandy snifter filled with my smooth broken white clam shell collection. You can find some great stuff at thrift shops if you have a vision.

I am an advocate of filling your life up with things you love. Eclectic is good as long as it works. Good luck dear. Be creative. Your home is you sanctuary.

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