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November 17, 2012

James asks…

I always seem to be “a day late and a dollar short”. What to do?

Last example:

Just divorced, I’ve been looking for a place to live, but on a budget in NYC. Couldn’t find what I really wanted (“Photographer needs good light work/live space…” the Craigslist ad reads), so doecided to rent a room in a shared loft.

Unhappy, with one of the roomates very antisocial — probably a drug-dealer. Anyway, I go to have a happier afternoon in nearby Williamsburg, and, walking down one of the prettiest streets there, am lucky to find an older laptop at a sidewalk sale that will suit the teenage boy my ex inherited with her new man. $50.

Upstairs to the seller’s apartment to charge it up — the 1BR. apartment is an absolute jewel. Even a dining roon that would serve as a photo studio! Turns out the guy IS moving out, but here it comes…the apartment was rented the day before, for a rent I could afford.

“Oh I just got into a relationship!” :’ If you’d only come yesterday!” So sorry, that was the last one!” How many times have I heard these? Why?

Administrator answers:

The average guy spends his whole life trying to become solvent, so you have company here. Ask God for help…No joke, he takes good care of me.

Sandy asks…

Apartments in new york?

Do you know a website where i can find luxury apartments or lofts in manhattan?
Preferably in some skyscraper or building. I need photos, floor plans and price.
The price is not a problem.
Thank you

Administrator answers:

Check out

they seem to have pictures and floorplans

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