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Your Questions About Loft Apartment Pictures

April 27, 2012

Mary asks…

What is the difference between an apartment. a loft, a studio, a flat? etc.?

i feel dumb, but i have no idea.
what other type of apartment living is there?
can anyone give me pictures?
thnx so much (:

Administrator answers:

An apartment is generally a single-story rental unit in a building full of similar rental units. A flat is a British term for an apartment on one level (it’s a flat unit).

A condo is similar to an apartment, but it is owned by an individual (in California anyway – individual apartments can be owned in places like New York City).

A townhouse is generally a rental unit that is about 2 to 4 units per building, where each unit is a two-story unit. There is generally a number of bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, and a living room, kitchen, and possibly a bathroom downstairs.

A studio is a rental unit that has no separate bedroom. There may be a sleeping area that is off to the side or around a corner. But, there is no door to a separate room for sleeping in.

A loft is a unit that has a sleeping area upstairs that is open to the rest of the unit. That is, you would take stairs to the bedroom. But, it has a landing at the top of the stairs that’s part of the bedroom and that overlooks the bottom floor of the unit.

Lisa asks…

Websites I can view pictures of cool lofts/apartments/hotel rooms?

Where can I go to find like a gallery of pictures of cool lofts, apartments, hotel rooms, or just rooms in houses in general I guess.

Administrator answers:

It’s in the classified ads.They will placed at least one picture of it. You’ll find a lot in the classified ads. Try to look each.

Donald asks…

the 1994 movie Man of the House, where exactly were the film locations?

please list district, city, state or any more descriptive knowledge you might have about this place. i am very intrigued by the beauty of the place. i am seeking a similar loft/apartment akin to the house that the character Ben and his mother lived in. It would be great if i could convey with pictures what i am trying to say to my Realtor who’s been house hunting diligently for me. that said, please post your resource/source and please or any pictures of that apartment/loft with your answer, thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

Los Angeles, California

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Paul asks…

Would You Live In The Loft or The One Bedroom?

in college a loft will cost $450 a month
a 1-bedroom will cost $500 a month
i am going to use scholarships/loans to pay for this under ‘housing’

those are pictures of the apartment
the loft looks kind of…funny
the one bedroom is small just like the loft (what can i expect for those prices lol)
i’m afraid if i pick the loft that i will fall over the rail and break my legs
i really want the 1-bedroom so i can POTENTIALLY have a roommate to split the $500 rent ( i know real cramped)
but i do not want to pay $500
i will be moving there in June right after i graduate so i can go find a job(i will try to stretch that money to lease a cheap-cheap-cheap car and get my invisible braces)

Administrator answers:

First off, if you are counting on a roommate, you better make sure it says in your lease that you are allowed more than one person in the apartment. Also most people get room sharing out of their systems after the dorms, so you might have trouble getting a roommate.

Charles asks…

What is loft-style living?

Can anyone tell me what loft-style living is? And a picture of a loft apartment if possible (: thanks!

Administrator answers:

Your mean this?

James asks…

Where can I find interior design inspiration?

I’m about to move into a new loft apartment and I need some inspiration! Does anyone know of any good online sources either of pictures or articles that could help me decorate my apartment in a very contemporary way?

Thanks! xx Emmie

Administrator answers:

WELL Emmie,you decided to move and solve other problems.I would suggest you visit cloth shops.paint store to look at sample swats,
WHITE makes a room look bigger.and you can
trim as you like but not in RED plum is romantic.Red is passionate.water bed are old.
On curtain pretty on the east side one one that close out the night but let sun in at daylight.
Furniture is probably could paint
chairs,and a throw for love seats.
N OW what about that career change.and that

Chris asks…

Very small balcony seeks decorating ideas?

Hi everyone, I just moved in to a loft style apartment and the balcony is a disappointingly tiny 6×2!!! I need ideas on what to do with such a small space. It is screened in from top to bottom, has a concrete floor and the walls are stucco. There is a ceiling light.

***Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish***

I want a enchanting or romantic overall feel;
Seating for at least 2 people;
Place to set drinks/food;
Flooring option other than concrete.

I welcome links to pictures!

Administrator answers:

Since the patio is covered and screened, paint the concrete floor. It would look really nice to paint it one color, the faux paint a rug in your seating area.
Build a box that will fit within the dimensions of one end and make a large pillow to cover the top (this would be the lounge area).
Since the area is so narrow, you may have to wall mount small shelves for drinks and food.
Go to the local plant nursery and talk to them about a fast growing vine and plant one or two in pots inside the patio. Allow it to grow throughout the area. If you are opposed to tending the plant(or tend to kill them like I do), get some good artificial greenery to lace throughout the area.

Linda asks…

the sims 2 apartment life..?

So i saw on the sims 2 apartment life trailer, and the manual thing it has this apartment with a little loft type area above (see links below):

-pg. 10 pictures in owners manual
(if you don’t have manual, picture is here aswell, )

-in this video at 0:40-0:42

which apartment building has that?
and if none of them have it…which it should if they are advertising for do you make it?


Administrator answers:

Hi, you answered my question the other day about the apartment life too hehe. Well I think the only way to get the loft is to build it. I’m just going to have a play around with it and see what’ll work!! :)

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