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January 28, 2013

Donald asks…

Whats more expensive, a apartments,condo,loft?

What is more expensive to afford, a apartment, condo or loft. How much are the costs usually for an apartment or condo or loft?


Administrator answers:

Are you looking to buy are rent I would think a loft would be more expensive but it really depends on the location and the condition.

Daniel asks…

What would the average utility bills for a one bedroom, one bath loft apartment be in zipcode 72204? ?

I’ve been looking for a good site to calculate the estimated costs of the electricity, gas heating, and water bill on a one bedroom, one bath apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas. My boyfriend and I need an estimate before we attempt to move in. The one we’re looking at is loft style with a gas fireplace downstairs and has doors to the outside balcony ( concerned about the door insulation). Help?

Administrator answers:

Your looking at about 35.00 for water sewer, estimate 100 for electricity in the summer, If you have natural gas the bill would be around 35.00 in summer and 100.00 for winter, if no gas then figure about 100 on the average for your electric bill year round, (these are monthly costs.)

Summer in this area is more expensive but winter can be cheaper cause it is warmer here. So you might have a cheaper heating bill in the winter to save up for summer. There is always the option to get on the budget plan and they estimate average costs for the year and send you a bill that is the same all year. You build credit in the winter to spend in the summer.

There are some apartments that offer free utilities you might search some of those out if available.

Donna asks…

Lease counter offer on a loft apartment ?

I’m looking to lease a loft apartment, for simplicity lets say rent is $1,000 / month. What would be a good initial counter offer?

Also I plan to push for a locked in lease amount for incremental years. Currently this area of property is in desperate need for renters so they are running “discount” or “promotional” rates but for following years have significant price increases.

Any feedback or prior experience appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Do a fair market rental analysis of the area your trying to rent in. You can do this by simply calling the commercial rental properties that directly surround the building your going to rent in. Ask them how much it would be to move into a space the same size as your loft size. Do you know the loft size? If not ask. Get the highest rent and the lowest rent of those properties and the lowest will be your counter offer for this property. Agree to no more then the highest.

If in fact your lease is really $ 1000 a month. Counter with $ 700 and take no more then $ 900. They are going to low ball you, be prepared for that. They are going to want to get the most out of you as possible since they are loosing money every month you’ll be in there at a lesser rate. I have been there myself,but since my apartment was vacant for more then 4 months they just wanted to get someone in there who would pay any money. So I got the rate I wanted and it was a huge apartment.

Remember you have nothing to loose by asking. Try the least amount of money as possible. The worst that could happen is that they say no; then you meet them in the middle. Good Luck!

Maria asks…

What types of apartments are in the sims 2 apartment life?

My cousin just got the sims 2 apartment life and we were just wondering if there was crummy apartment but not a trailer park and where the loft apartment that was advertised with the game? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

There are many different apartments in the game. If by crummy you mean small, then yes there are crummy apartments in the game. With install, the prices of the apartments ranges from $700 to $3000 simeleons a week. Where $700 is for the smaller apartments and $3000 is for the penthouse apartments.

Although they are all titled apartments, there are condos and townhouses as well and some of them come with a garage for a car.

You can also build an apartment to your own likings.

To build:
Create a residental lot, any size. Then build your apartment like you want. Each apartment should only have one entrance and no apartment should share any rooms. The front door to the apartment should be the door with the floor mat. [It is the only one in the builidng-doors category that actually shows the floor mat and the bottom of the door. I am not sure of the exact name but it have 'unique' in the name] Then furnish the apartment. Every apartment should have the necessities [i.e. Kitchen and bath fixtures/appliances]. You should also furnish each apartment completely cause when a NPC move into the apartment the only furniture they will have is what you put in there. When a Sim that you control move into the apartment, it will only have a bathroom and kitchen stuff. [Just like real life. Unfornately, renting a furnish apartment is not an option]. When you are complete, press ctrl+shift+c then type ‘changelotzoning apartmentbase’. If you have any errors, it will let you know. Once successful, save and return the neighborhood and your apartment is ready to rent.

For more info about creating apartments, search the message boards at under Apartment Life.

Lizzie asks…

Looking for a referral for a loft/apartment in Austin?

Im planning on moving to Austin in a few months and need to start looking for a place to live. Im wanting to rent a cool urban loft or apartment. Just need a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. We want to keep the rent under $950 a month. Anyone know of a place or a site where we can search for one?


Administrator answers:


Its a map of apartments all over town. You won’t have any problem finding what you are looking for.

Chris asks…

Does anybody live in a loft style apartment/home?

We’re looking into moving and there are some new loft apartments in the area. Are they hard to keep warm in the winter because the heating ducts are up high? Are they hard to keep cool in the summer because the windows are so big? What do you think the benefits are? The downside? Looking for opinions, thank you.

Administrator answers:

Many people love lofts, other just can’t stand them. I think if you know of any that are for rent, you could check the rest of the area for more and accost the tenants as they leave or come in and ask those pertinent questions. However, that may not always work – as some people are not bothered by lack of heat or too much heat.

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