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July 8, 2013

Daniel asks…

Best Area to live in Houston, Tx (Around Young People)?

I am moving to Houston, Tx and need to find an apartment. I am new to town and have basically no friends in the area.

I am 23, working in City Center (800 Town & Country Blvd) and want to find an area of Houston that is fun and exciting.
I am from NYC, went to school in Boston and enjoy cities.

I like restaurants, bars, clubs, urban attractions.

My budget is 1000-1500 and I would prefer a renovated loft or something trendy. I dont mind a commute to work (20-30mins) as long as I can live somewhere fun and exciting where I will be able to get out and meet people.

I am between Montrose, The Heights (washington ave) and Downtown.

Any locals want to give me a tip on which is the best area for a young professional to move and make friends/etc.


Administrator answers:

West U
Rice U
the Heights

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