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November 29, 2012

Betty asks…

Help me find where to move in Chicago?

I am moving in May of 2012 out of my apartment located in the western suburb of Chicago, Elmhurst. I want to move downtown or to the city of chicago!

1 or more bedroom
1 or more bathroom
I have about 1200-1500$ a month to spend on rent. possibly up to 2 thousand.
I really like lofts! anything industrial looking or modern. I like the entertainment area and downtown area. any links to any apartments or neighborhoods i should look into?

Administrator answers:


Lisa asks…

Do you know of any lofts in Chicago?

I am moving to Chicago and would like to rent a loft (where the bedroom is upstairs) instead of a regular one bedroom apartment. But I have only found a few searching sites like, etc.

Does anyone actually know a building with lofts in chicago? From knowing someone who lives there etc. It would be greatly appreciated

Administrator answers:

There are a number of free passouts in various stores here in Chicago. Call up a library here and ask for help. Go to or or and check them all out too! Good luck here!

Susan asks…

Illinois Institute of Art… what area of Chicago is the school located?

I am currently looking for apartment options because I will be attending this school. Other than the recommended Presidential Towers, and the Dwight lofts. Just in case there is nothing available for me to rent.
I found a website

that will show different apartments in different locations, but I do not know what the area the school is located in called.
For instance… Chicago North, Chicago South, Cook County North, Du Page West Cook, Far North Suburbs, Far Northwest Suburbs, Far South Suburbs, Far Southwest suburbs, Far West Suburbs, and last but not least, Northwestern Indiana.

Administrator answers:

It is the downtown area. The school is located in the Merchandise Mart. I would call it the near northside meaning it is north of downtown yet very close to downtown.

I found out that they list two campuses. The second one is located in Schaumburg which is about 20 miles outside the city limits in a northwest direction.

Nancy asks…

Is south loop (Prairie District Lofts,1727 S Indiana Ave, Chicago) a dangerous area?

I will move to this apartment soon due to my job. Please advice me.
Can I walk after 9 pm around there?

Administrator answers:

It’s very up and coming. Condo’s going up all over there, and yuppies moving in all over there…. As was said, you still have to be a somewhat careful, mostly at night, but it’s really changing. I think you’ll like it.

Maria asks…

Moving in with 5 roommates, good or bad idea?

My friend and I (females) are moving in with 4 guys (we’re friends, so it’s not like we’re total strangers) in a 6 bedroom/3 bathroom loft in Chicago. Our ages range from 25-28. My friend and I wanted both wanted to get our own places, but we’re tight on money. So our guy friends invited us to move in with them. I’m just worried if it won’t be a good a idea. Space-wise it’s great, it’s a very nice apartment and pretty roomy. Did/does anyone have any experience moving in with roommates and how did it work out?

Administrator answers:

For me it turned out to be a bad idea. We hadn’t discussed anything ahead of time & everything went to hell. There is one kitchen, who gets to do the shopping for what goes in it? If someone does buy groceries who has the right to eat it? Who gets to decide when anyone gets to have how many people over? Who is responsible for cleaning what parts of the apt? Do they stay up late? Do you like going to bed early? Can you have pets? Who all has to help take care of the pet? What if someone wants to bring a date home, will that be okay with everyone? Do they drink, smoke, party, or do any drugs? Would you be okay with it if they did? Are they messy? How do you decide who cooks & who gets to eat? What about laundry? When does who get to do it? Is it all grouped together or do you all do your own laundry? What about the main living area? Who gets to use the TV for what & when?

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