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June 5, 2013

John asks…

I am looking for a nice apartment in Yakima, WA… Do they exsist?

I will be locating to Yakima in Jan 2011 and would like to find a nice, clean, safe area to live. Looking for a downtown loft apartment if one is available. rent range: $800-$1100

Administrator answers:


Sure, the local real estate agents will assist.


Mark asks…

Are there any grants available for first time home buyers?

My apartment is about to go condo and the asking price is twice what my regular monthly rent is currently. I am seeking funds to purchase my beautiful loft apartment and am trying to acquire as much information as possible to be prepared when the negotiations begin. I’m looking for any grants or special low interest, zero down loans out there that will allow me to have more purchasing power than I currently possess.

Administrator answers:

HUD loans are for that. Http://

Michael asks…

Should she be made to pay rent?

So here’s the deal. My Boyfriend, Tony has a little brother, Ian, and he has a girlfriend, Jackie, who my boyfriend’s family absolutely hates. She was living in her car for awhile then was allowed to stay with them while she looked for a job. Fast forward a couple months when they kicked her out for drama and had her own apartment/loft lined up but had no where to go for the week. So we let her stay at our place with the condition she could stay no longer than two weeks & instead of rent she had to clean our apartment. Well two weeks later (now) she just moved out of our apartment. But not only did she not clean nor ever help out, she dirtied up all our dishes, hardly ever put the convertable couch/bed back, used half of my cell phone mins and left her shit everywhere. So I was talking to my boyfriend since she did not fill her part of the bargin, some rent for the two weeks should be due. Our rent is normally $830 for the two of us (included all utilities except electric & cable) Do you think she should pay her part of rent and if so, how much?

Administrator answers:

Are you renting or do you own the place? If you are renting, you may be in trouble with your landlord – after 14 days, a ‘guest’ becomes a ‘tenant’ and needs to be put on the lease or leave. This could be a way to get her out, or put her on the lease so that she has to pay.

If you own your residence,, you can use the same argument. The original arrangement was for two weeks, as a guest, and that has passed – to stay any longer, she has to sign a lease and pay the rent (25 percent sounds reasonable) and if she does not sign, she is out and if she does sign and does not pay, she is out. I would ask for a deposit of at least one month up front to secure the lease.

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