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September 4, 2012

Thomas asks…

Fastest website on the internet that i can rent in los angeles an apartment in the 1050 range in a decent area?

-perhaps I would consider a loft where I could live or work.

Administrator answers:

$1050 a month in Los Angeles……no such place for a decent place in Los Angeles. For a decent place double that amount.

Maria asks…

Is building a loft floor in an apartment against any building codes?

I live in a second-floor apartment in Los Angeles, CA and my ceiling is about 25 feet high. I was thinking about making better use of this vertical space by building a sort of DIY loft area. I know that we can’t alter the apartment or build onto it. I was thinking that as long as it is free standing, it is just another piece of furniture. People often use lofted beds, so I don’t know how different this is. Are their any building codes or laws against this?

Administrator answers:

Your absolutely right and taking advantage of the height gives you more space also, I would just check with the landlord to make sure your not getting yourself into any kind of hot water. Good luck

Mark asks…

Anyone living in downtown Los Angeles?

My husband and I are thinking about avoiding SoCal’s traffic and taking an apartment in downtown Los Angeles. Anyone with any experience– good or bad? Is downtown livable? Recommendations for where? My office is in the financial district near Hope and 6th Street. Has anyone tried Pegasus or Packard Lofts? What about renting a condo at 801 Grand or in the Eastern Columbia building or someplace similar? Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

Rent a hotel for a week and explore the area to see what it’s like.

Joseph asks…

Will apartment prices lower in los angeles?

My rent is currently $2449 for a 2bedroom and loft

Administrator answers:

Probably not. You wouldn’t pay that much for a five bedroom house here in Texas.

Robert asks…

downtown Los Angeles, dangerous?

I’m moving to Los Angeles from Northern CA in San Francisco. I’m thinking about moving into a loft type apartment in downtown LA. Is it dangerous? Im a young female and don’t know if that is the best place but I want the downtown/city feel of SF. The area is right in the middle of downtown.

Administrator answers:

During the day its pretty safe. Right when it gets dark however, the bums start crowding in from the neighboring areas. That by itself doesnt make it unsafe but it does make it unpleasant when you have to jump over bums to get to the front door.

Just know what you’re doing (dont look like your lost or terrified!) and you’ll be fine. :)

John asks…

Where is a good place in Los Angeles to live in, close to Downtown?

I recently was offered a job in L.A. in downtown, its a music career job, and i would probably have to be there on time. im not really sure if i would prefer living downtown, cuz i’ve heard the neighborhoods can be a lil sketchy. I lived in Eagle rock near Pasadena when i was really little, and would like to live in the Pasadena area again, but I’m not sure how far a drive that is to downtown. if i could get some sort of a loft/apartment/townhouse or condo downtown,that’sd probably be fine as long asit isn’tt’t unsafe, i don’t wanna have to deal with worrying about walking down the street in my own neighborhood.. so any suggestions?
p.S: to Maliboo_girl! Sorry my typing is so awful I’m using my iPad to type and I don’t have my wireless keyboard connected. Anyway thank you so much for your detailed awesome answer! I really appreciate it, and will be looking into the site you left me and the cities you named! This has given me a better view on some places i could possibly choose! Very helpful, thanks again! :)

Administrator answers:

There are nice areas in Eagle Rock and Pasadena, and many people live there and work downtown. Eagle Rock doesn’t have a lot of apartment rentals, Pasadena has more.

Downtown really isn’t safe, except for where the tall buildings are, but even one block out of there it gets really sketchy. They have been building expensive nice condos/apartments (many owned by businesses for when clients are in town), but the areas really aren’t safe.

Here are some areas that are relatively safe and about as close as you probably want to live to downtown LA. Anywhere in LA you need to be aware of your surroundings, be careful, have good locks on your doors and windows and alarm your car, and don’t do dumb stuff like walk around after dark. If you live in a relatively safe area, chances are you will be fine.

Pasadena/Altadena is about 11 miles from downtown, there is now the Metro Gold light rail line that goes to Union Station downtown. Lots of people commute to downtown LA, there are several routes you can drive. If you look in Pasadena, don’t overlook the northeast area, a bit further, but a nice environment. The roughest area of Pasadena/Altadena is in the northwest – Foothill Frwy to the West, Foothill Frwy to the South (it curves), Los Robles/Santa Anita Ave to the East, Altadena Dr to the North. There are ok neighborhoods in there, but generally you need to be careful about renting there.

South Pasadena is about 10 miles away, very nice community, very safe. On the expensive side, but sometimes you can find reasonable rent in an older building. The Metro Gold light rail has stops in South Pas.

Eagle Rock is about 10 miles away from downtown LA. Not too many apartments, some rough and some very nice areas.

Alhambra is a nice community south of South Pas, about 9 miles.

Glendale, about 9 miles from downtown LA, has some very nice, safe neighborhoods, reasonable for LA area.

Los Feliz / Franklin / East Hollywood area, about 6 miles north of downtown LA. Los Feliz is on the expensive side.

MidWilshire is about 7 miles away, some very nice neighborhoods, so can be expensive, has some areas with quite a bit of crime.

Culver City is about 10 miles from downtown LA, on the westside of LA, nice community, reasonable for the expensive westside (by LA standards).

LA Safety Map Click on Safety, and then Map.

Good luck!

Steven asks…

How much does it cost to rent an apartment or Loft in New Yorrk?

So i recently went to New York city, Long Island, Queens, manhattan, Brooklyn .. and stuff
i like it .. how much is an average. living cost
and the cheapest.. i would like to go one day and live there. its so compact. not like Los angeles.. its soo Spread out

Administrator answers:

Well I would checkout

They had over 145,000 different apartments on there.

Check em out.

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