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May 23, 2013

Susan asks…

What would you do in this situation… re my living situation?

My boss offered me to sublet her 2 bedroom loft apartment in NYC (Chelsea) for 1000 a month! (it’s rent controlled) I’d have it indefinately since she bought someplace uptown. This is an AMAZING deal. I have 2 problems:

1. i just moved in with a good friend 8 months ago and i have 8 months left in our lease. We sublet from her cousin so i think i could get out of it but my friend would get pissed.

2. It may be awkward to rent from my boss, what if i quit? Or get fired?

I really want to move to NYC!!! im tired of commuting and the rent is cheaper than what i pay now! What to do???

Administrator answers:

1. If you want to break your current lease, let your friend know as soon as possible. You have every right to move out, if that is what you wish, however, you must understand that you will most likely forfeit any security deposit, and you will be liable for approx. 3 months rent, unless your friend finds another roommate prior to that, or relieves you of this burden. Whatever you decide, come to an agreement with your friend IN WRITING. If your friend says, “hey, no problem, you can move, don’t worry about anything”, get it in WRITING!! Make sure it is clear that your friend is allowing you to break your part of the lease, and will not hold you liable for any further bills, rent, or damages to the apartment. If you want part or all of your security deposit back, make sure you get that in writing as well. Also, be sure to inform her cousin (your landlord) IN WRITING of what you are doing, and give her a copy of the SIGNED agreement between you and your friend. This way, your friend’s cousin knows exactly what is going on, and whom to hold responsible at the official end of the lease. Don’t feel like you are held hostage, even if your friend gets pissed and says she doesn’t want you to move. If you break the lease, she has an obligation to mitigate her damages by either sucking it up, or trying to find another roommate to pay your half of the rent. Remember, you may continue to be responsible for half of the rent for about 3 months, which is a reasonable amount of time for her to get someone new in the apt. If she sues you for breaking the lease, that’s about all any court with find your responsible for, so make sure that you get receipts for any rent payments you make- you’ll need them to prove you paid, if you’re ever taken to court.

2. Business is business. As long as you have a clearly stated lease IN WRITING, you can quit your job, get fired, whatever, and you will not lose your apartment because your boss is upset with you. If you can, try to get a two year lease, just for a little added security on your end, since this is such a great apartment at a rent-controlled price. Don’t let this sublet get in the way of your professional relationship with your boss. If you do rent the place from her, just continue your relationship as if it never happened, and be professional at all times. Try not to ever be late with the rent- that can make things awkward. Otherwise, good luck!

Richard asks…

Short term apartment rental in NYC?

Myself & a friend are going to New York City in December 2010 and want to rent a short term apartment in a central area (Manhattan) for approx. 4 – 6 weeks… does anybody know the best way to do this or places to check out on the web or phone to obtain prices? We would really love a brown stone or a loft style to really live up the NYC lifestyle. Any advise would be great thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can try Craigslist but be warned, there are many scams. If something seems too good to be true it usually is. Never wire money, even for a deposit and make sure you do a google search for the name, email or website of the person offering it. Expect to pay at least $2k-$2500 a month for something decent and even more for prime areas, especially during the holidays. You may also want to look in Brooklyn. There are many brownstones and you’ll save some money.

Craigslist vacation rentals:
Craigslist sublets:

Radio City Apartments is a popular place for short-term rentals and can be found via:

Even though December is several months away, I’d recommend not waiting too long. The holidays book up quickly.

Maria asks…

One night rentals in NYC?

Okay, so I want to have a little gathering for my birthday in January, and I wanted to rent a loft/apartment out for a night. I would do a hotel but most suites that sleep around 10 people are too expensive. I’ve been checking out apartments on, but many places require a minimum stay. Does anyone else know of websites or services where I can find an apartment, loft, or anywhere to rent out for one night that isn’t too expensive?

Administrator answers:

Try Craigslist, BUT make sure you do a search for the renter’s reputation on google (search their name, phone number, email and the apartment address) and physically see the apartment first if you can. There are tons of scams, but there are also some very good deals. Just do your homework first!

First check vacation rentals:
Then, sublets:

Both will have a number of nightly rentals.Again, watch out for scams!

Laura asks…

Where can i view floor plans for lofts, penthouses, or upscale apartments, for free?

i’m writing a story and looking for ideas of NYC floor plans for ideas. When writing stories I like to know where and how a characters are moving inside a home.
they have to be New York City Stlye, its based in New York city and has a 9/11 moment, but it’s not about 9/11.
i need the floor plans need to see the layout. Pictures of what the place lookike help but not as much as the floor plans

Administrator answers: is a great site NYC real estate site. Search the apartments for sale listings in Manhattan and then click on the floorplans. There are thousands of them!

Thomas asks…

I want to get an apartment in NYC – where?? HELP!!?

I love New York. I’m not moving now, I’m just thinking for when I do in future time…

I’m very artistic and kind of quirky and unique, so I’d want to live somewhere with lots of lofts or studio apartments…where all the buildings have like a vintage feel to them, and there are nearby cute little coffee shops or book stores. But I would also like to be close all the action, as in Times Sqaure.

Where is somewhere with nice vintage apartment buildings, with nearby small little coffee shops and bookstores, but still pretty close to the city life? As in like 15-20 min.??

Administrator answers:

West village

Joseph asks…

NYC-Relocating to be within reasonable commute distance…any ideas?

I am planning to move to the NYC area within a year and I’m looking for a suburb in the tri-state area that is affordable & has culture & diversity. I’d prefer somewhere that’s a bit more on the “hip/young” side rather than a “family/traditional” area. My goal price-range is anywhere from 200,000-500,000, and I only need a loft or 1-2 bedroom house/apartment/condo. Any ideas? (I will be commuting to NYC daily, so it needs to be within reasonable distance)

Administrator answers:

Many young people who work in Manhattan choose to live in Brooklyn, where there re some great neighnorhoods, housing in th eprice range you listed. And, people who work in lower Manhattan often choose Hoboken, becuase of the Ferry – it’s an easy commute. Westchester in NY and lower Fairfield Cty, CT can be commutes of an hour or less, but tend to be more family oriented.

Sandra asks…

Where can I find a high-rise bed in NYC?

I’m moving into a small apartment and would like to have a high-rise (or half-lofted) bed to store things under. I have a full-sized mattress and box spring that I’d like to retain. So far the only place I’ve found that makes beds like this is a college dorm supplier, and the beds are very expensive (to buy and to ship). A Manhattan or Brooklyn store that delivers would be ideal, but I’m definitely willing to look at things online as well. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Contact trade associations or to get offers from suppliers and manufacturers of bed, send an email with your requirement to

Helen asks…

What do these “real estate terms” mean?


Pre War?
Post War?

Im trying to find an apartment in NYC and I don’t understand what thes building type words mean!

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Loft mainly refers to two different types of rooms. It typically refers to an upper story or attic in a building, directly under the roof. Alternatively, it can refer to a loft apartment which is a large adaptable open space either created or converted for residential use.

Pre-war: Built before WWII
Post-war: Built after WWII
Bownstone: A type of sandstone found around Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey that is used as a building material

Linda asks…

moving to nyc in a few months…?

im moving and living alone and want to get an apartment in the city so i would need to live in a relatively safe place. do you have any suggestions for a neighborhood where i could possibly find an affordable(1000 or less) studio or loft near manhattan maybe even in a jersey neighborhood. it would be wonderful if it was under 20 minutes to get to the city though.

also what websites would you recommend to look for apartments and jobs.

Administrator answers:

The fact that you want to move to Manhattan by yourself and pay less than $1000 shows that you have a lot to learn. Look into Queens or Brooklyn – it might be more realistic in terms of price. Forest Hills, Kew Garden and Astoria (all in Queens) are very safe areas – you might be able to find a studio in Forest Hills for $1200, I’ve heard it’s happened before, lol. You could DEFINTELY find a nice apartment with a roommate if you’re willing to pay that. Astoria isn’t too far from Midtown, about 15 minutes on the N train. Forest Hills and Kew Garden are a little farther – about 30 minutes on the F or D.
As for Brooklyn, look into Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Red Hook – these are nice, trendy areas usually inhabited by college students, artists, or working professionals. You could probably find a room in your price range – but, again, with a roommate. Other safe areas are Midwood, Brighton Beach, and Bensonhurst – they’re a lot farther away. Midwood is close to Brooklyn College, is a safe and quiet area, and I have a friend who pays only $875 a month for a nice sized studio there. However, you’re looking at a 30-40 minute commute into Manhattan on the Q. Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst are even further south, but they are safe areas, so safe in fact, most who aren’t native Brooklynites haven’t even heard of them :) You have to be open to ethnicities like Russians, Asians and Eastern European Jews as there are many in Brooklyn and Queens.
As for Jersey, the only place I can imagine being able to obtain a $1000/month apartment on your own would be in Jersey City or Newark – both are places you don’t even want to consider (trust me). Look into the boroughs (it’s closer, anyways) and you’ll have better luck – go on craigslist, but look with caution (lots of scammers). Good luck!

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