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Your Questions About Loft Apartments San Francisco

September 26, 2012

Richard asks…

Where can I live and make a lot of noise in San Francisco?

Basically I’m looking to rent a place next year where I can loudly play piano and sing and have a bunch musicians over. The only apartments I’ve seen in SF have neighbors really close by on either side, and top and bottom. Do you know of any places (like converted lofts or something) where nobody would hear/mind?
I already live in Oakland, I’m looking for a place in SF for next year to avoid a 1-hr commute.
And no I am not gonna squat treasure island lol.

Administrator answers:

There’s a place in the middle of the bay, I believe it is unused at the moment

Nancy asks…

Young adult moving to san francisco?

Im 19 and will be moving to san francisco in January for school. Ill be alone and will need a apartment/loft/studio. Im pretty much set on living in the nob hill/lower nob hill district. I already know the prices im going to be dealing with too. I was planning on flying out there and staying in a hotel for a week or two while at the same time looking for the right apartment to move into. Is this a solid idea? does anyone have any tips/advice? Plus I know the tenderloin is a bad area so im trying to avoid that area although it is close to where im looking.
Im going to the AAU so im trying to find a place around one of the buildings whether it be a dorm or classroom, just so i could catch a bus if i didnt want to walk that day. im also looking at bikes so i am willing to extend outside of the nob hill area…maybe. When i was in SF 2 years ago thats all i knew was the nob hill/financial district area because i stayed in a dorm for 6 weeks around jones and sutter.

Administrator answers:

Which school?? Some have better off-campus housing referrals than others. Richmond district is good, the Lone Mountain area is nice, both the inner and outer Sunset is nice, the upper Height corridor is pretty cool.

Welcome to The City!

Linda asks…

I want to get a blue pit bull puppy?

I’m 22 and finally got my own place, a loft apartment in San Francisco.

I had a lab/pit mix growing up and he was an awesome dog. I’ve wanted a blue pit as long as I can remember, but the only thing is will he be okay being inside all the time?

I go running every single morning and would bring him with me every day, but being a loft it basically just one big room. (its one of those old city penthouse lofts, awesome place)

My old dog was incredibly energetic, and at my parents house we had a big field he could always run around in.

I did some research but didn’t find much for this particular breed. Is it okay for him to basically be an inside dog?

If not are then any other big dogs that are? I’d rather have no dog at all than get a small, yappy toy breed.

Administrator answers:

I have an Am-Staff and he is an indoor dog. He gets taken for two long walks every day, morning and evening. Plus he get played with indoors. Bully breeds are very energetic. Make sure if you get one you do give him/her plenty of daily exercise and training. If you’ve never had a bully breed you may be in for a huge surprise. If you are not an experienced trainer, a strong handler that pup will have you trained in no time flat. Bully’s are very strong, very stubborn and really do want to be alpha. You have to establish early on that you are top dog in your loft! I strongly suggest puppy classes and then move on to more advanced obedience classes. The trainer can help you learn how to keep your bully happy and in control.

Daniel asks…

Moving to San Francisco… need advice!!?

Okay, so I’m moving from downtown Sacramento, CA to San Francisco, CA for school (at SFSU) with my boyfriend. Currently, our rent is $525/month, including utilities. We know the living expenses will undoubtedly go up when we move to San Fran. So we’re asking people whats the best living situation. I care about a sanitary higher standard of living and I care about PRICE. *sigh, doesn’t everyone?*
But we also care about privacy, because we are… rather intimate… regularly!
I would say privacy is most important for that reason. (next is PRICE!)
I’d like soundproof walls if I could have em! hehe!
I’ve always wanted to live in a loft or a condo…. But I know they are way too pricey in SF for us college students. And we plan to RENT cheaply, if possible!
With that being said, what situation would YOU recommend? Living in a crowded apartment? A tiny loft? a condo RENTAL? a Co-op? Hmm. What else?…
Please let me know what you think.

Please no smart-mouth responses. Don’t waste our time. And please don’t waste your own time!

Administrator answers:

There are no lofts near SFSU. It is all residential mostly homes. A 1-bdrm condo near the college would cost about $2000 a month. You can try some areas for apartments including West Portal, Westlake, Daly City, Ingleside, Park Merced, Outer Sunset. You should rent a room for a while and look around the neighborhoods. SFSU is a long way from any cheaper neighborhoods.

Helen asks…

How to get all of my security deposits back in San Francisco?

700 sq ft. 1 bed room, loft. living room, kitchen, 1 bath room
4 people shared the rent of $1850/month with a deposit of $1000 from 1/1/2010 until 1/1/2011.

The lease started on the January 1st of 2010 and ended on the December 31st of the same year.
At the time of moving in, there was a move-in inspection and according to the move-in inspection, the unit had newly painted walls and used but vacuuom cleaned carpet.

We notified the apartment management our intention to move out and signed on a management provided form of written 1 month notice of move out on 11/30/2010. The management did not mention anything about final inspection to us. On 12/29/2010, we asked for the inspection and agreed to conduct it on the 12/31/2010, on the day of moving out.

On December 31st, 2010 at 12:15pm when we moved all of our furnitures and belongings out of the apartment, we had final inspection with one of the maintenance crew of the apartment. At the final inspection, the maintenance person told us that everything was clean and good.

On January 3rd, 2011 a rental agent from the management office of the apartment called and notified their intention of charge $300 for paint and vacuum cleaning of the carpet.

Is the management’s action to charge for the clean up despite of the satisfactory final inspection justified?

Administrator answers:

It was freshly painted when you moved, now it’s not. It was vacuumed when you moved in, now it’s not. Sounds like a reasonable charge. Mostly for paint and labor.

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