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Your Questions About Loft Apartments

July 8, 2012

Ken asks…

What to know about warehouse loft apartments?

i’ve always loved the idea of loft apartments. big space, high cellings, unlimited creative housing arrangements. everything i could want in a home. so id like to know what i should be looking into when it comes to picking out a good loft and a couple sites for designing ideas.

Administrator answers:

It seems that you have a pretty clear idea of what you need, a warehouse loft. I guess, with that, you also need to look for a place with lots of natural lighting and ventilation of course. And check the surroundings if you’re ok with the view, or is it quiet enough, all depends on your personality.

Few sites to check for ideas:

Best of luck!

Susan asks…

Are loft apartments good places to live in?

Who would live in a loft home? Can they be small and big? They look so peaceful to live in. Are they good apartments to live in?

Administrator answers:

Some are big and some are small. Some are really nice and others are dumps. I tried it and didn’t like it because I need a separate bedroom so I can fell like Im not stuck in a cell.

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