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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing For Seniors

October 16, 2012

Lisa asks…

I need free housing/assisted living?

Alright; I’m turning eighteen in November, at which time my current caretakers plan to kick me out. I need a place to live; I’ll still be in high school until June of next year, and getting a job would seriously affect my studies- I struggle enough in school as it is. Section 8 has a massive waiting list, and by the time I might get a voucher I’ll have already graduated. Food can be taken care of with food stamps, but I still need a roof over my head.

I understand the government gives people cash, but the money they give is only meant to assist- it’s not intended as primary income. I wouldn’t get enough to pay rent, even if I went to the food bank to save money; then there’s utilities and other bills added onto that. It sums up to quite a bit.

Before anyone asks, there aren’t any friends who can take me in, and there’s no family in state. Even if there was, it’s doubtful I would be welcome. And yes, my guardian is intent upon making me leave; believe me, nothing’s going to change in that department.

My question is this; are there any charities in Spokane, Washington, which provide free housing for people in my position? All of the places I’ve found are for seniors or low-income families. If anyone knows anything I’d owe you- well, my high school diploma.

Administrator answers:

You are not very likely to qualify for the welfare cash. Do not count on that or food stamps.

The only free housing is the homeless shelter program, you do not live there, you check in nightly to sleep. They separate the genders. The Salvation Army can tell you where the closest one to your location is.

Mandy asks…

How does a person go about getting themselves declared as being disabled by the state they live…?

I live in connecticut. I recently been diagnosed with moderate/severe hearing loss and don’t have hearing aids yet. Although I have a full time job with medical insurance I still struggle with living expenses. I am seeking a place to live for people with low income or disability. The only option for a single person in my area is senior housing which I am not old enough yet, or being declared disabled to get into a low rent facility. I also have vision problems as well but not legally blind. Anyone know what I should do to get things started or if they think I’m eligible?

Administrator answers:

A doctor must agree that you have one or more disabling conditions.

I believe that there are several disabling conditions that enable you to certain benefits. Job Service or Vocational Rehab Services could maybe help with these or at least point you in the right direction. Social Services is another possibity. There are new programs all the time. Job Service & Voc Rehab have a vested interest in providing services allowing a person to continue working or returning to work.

The top of the disability ladder is qualifying for Social Security Disability. Then you present that to the Social Security Admistration when you apply for Social Securtiy Disability. Follow the procedures & jump through the hoops.

From what you describe, I doubt you will qualify, nor will a doctor certify you as disabled for Social Security criteria. While you may not qualify for Social Security Disability; you may qualify for other programs with lesser disabling handicapping conditions.

Good Luck.

William asks…

senior house rentals in sun belt?

1. Looking to rent a nice house in the south/sun belt area.
2. Good Medical Facilities.
3. Close to shopping – food stores, maybe a vegan restaurant.
4. Low crime area.
5. Airport and highways nearby….
6. Maybe near a university – lots of activities and classes there.
7. Casino too nearby would be good.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Administrator answers:

Lots of foreclosures in the Phoenix Arizona that are dirt cheap. Lots of adults only communities too. The only bad thing is the Phoenix area is a little cool in Dec. & Jan. And hot as Hades in the summer.

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