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December 14, 2012

Nancy asks…

Senior citizen being taken to court over non-existent rent arrears?

A close friend, an unemployed senior citizen in receipt of Pension Credit and Housing Benefit, has just been served with a Notice of Seeking Possession by his landlord, Salix Homes, for ‘serious rent arrears’ of over £700.00.

Unless he pays the rent within 4 weeks [or makes satisfactory arrangements to pay], he may be taken to court for eviction at any stage in the next 12 months.

As he is on a low state pension equivalent, clearly this is impossible.

What is worrying is that this rent should be being paid by the local government agency responsible in the United Kingdom for assisting with housing costs, Salford Council. Clearly, for whatever reason, Salford Council have ceased to make these payments and have not informed my friend.

My friend is now in very great distress at the prospect of being made homeless as a pensioner at any point during the next 12 months.

What should he do?

[It may be worth mentioning that the landlord, Salix Homes, is actually - for all intents and purposes - part of the local government, Salford Council].

Administrator answers:

You most definitely need to contact the Housing agency, take in the notices received from the Landlord, also check the friends mail, he may have been given a notice for documents needed from him to continued his benefits – if he is elderly they may want to check and see if he is still alive, if his finances changed, anything.

Thomas asks…

Is it financially stupid to rent instead of own most of your life?

Everyone and their mother is buying houses around me because of the low prices and good rates. My family keeps asking when I will be, that I am stupid not to, etc. The thing is I actually like renting. Is this stupid, considering I have over 750 credit score, a hefty hefty savings, and a good income? I just like having no responsibility, like today I am cuddling with hot chocolate while my landlord is out in -3 wind chilld shoveling a foot of snow. I also like that I can live in different neighborhoods and meet new people when the short lease is up. My rent and all utilities are just 750 a month and decent houses are around 150k, decent condos about 100k. So month to month I am saving a lot of money by renting, but I am missin gout on equity, tax credits too.

Id like to be rent/mortgage free in retirement though. Would it be wise to purchase a senior condo in all cash at around age 60, and then just pay the HOA fees a month so I could have the maintenance done for me again?
Id like to get married, perhaps, but never want children. Id only consider marrying a partner who also does not want children obviously. It;s easier for me being a woman because I have already dated many men who never want children.

Administrator answers:

Someday, you’ll find someone that wants to marry you.
- She/he will ask for a house with a yard for the kids to run around in.
If you plan on never getting married, then rent and be happy.
Someone might come along someday…

Sharon asks…

How do leasing companies like Woda Group decide if you qualify for their programs?

I am looking at applying to rent a home in a new subdivision built in my town aimed at low-income families (less than 60% income of the areas medium gross income). They ask for criminal background checks, credit checks and landlord history checks. 9 years ago I was arrested for possession with intent to deliver but since then I have only had one misdemeanor for possession of paraphenilia that same year. Also, there were some bad checks that went along with that time. I have since paid the checks and cleaned up, but I am worried they can refuse to offer me a lease. Also, 2 years ago I was evicted because the landlord wanted to sell the house I was in. I tried to buy it but financing fell through when I was laid off. Are these issues that can prevent me from getting a lease? What should I tell the company about these situations? I am currently laid off now, but my wife is in her senior year at a four year college. She is getting a student loan that we will use to cover living
expenses and we intend to pay 12 months rent at the time we get the loan. Do you think they will accept this? Their policy states that verifiable income must equal 1.5 times the monthly rent plus utility allowance. Do student loans count as income in this matter?

Administrator answers:

Don’t do anything until you’ve spoken to one of the 3 or all three. Real estate broker with an up to date licence, lawyer that does property work or talk to a mortgage company or bank that handles loans. Smells Real Fishy to me. 12 mo. Rent,get real,

Sandra asks…

Sacramento City College, housing, and financial aid.?

Helloooooo all,
I am currently a senior, unfortunately I’m not employed, I don’t drive, and I live with my grandmother. I haven’t had the best academic record, and I have low in-come. I will be 18 before I graduate, and I believe i’m responsible enough to move. I currently reside in the east bay area, and I plan on moving out to Sacramento after i graduate. I want to attend Sac City College for pre-nursing (Sacramento City College), and hopefully transfer to UC Davis or CSU- Sacramento, others etc… to continue my nursing. I want to eventually get my MSN.

*im adopted *im a female *i am known as African American * i have low-income *im a vegetarian * i’m a singer/choir *i love art *i will be the first person that’ll finish college (i am determined no matter what obstacles i face. that’s another reason i’m trying to move)

LOANS(dnt really want to use those yet, or at all.Only if I have to),



* How can I be a full time student, and be able to pay for my rent?( Upper East Side Lofts seem nice?)

* could I pay for my rent well enough if i get accepted for WORK-STUDY?

2. I plan on applying for FOOD-STAMPS as an independent student.i’m also a vegetarian so that will be pretty easy?

3. Can i get more reviews on experience with EOP, RISE program, WAIVER FEE’s, WORK-STUDY, best places to live/ living in SACRAMENTO as a full-time student, and female.

any other information is also welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Administrator answers:

You need to contact the educational institution of your choice for financial aid options. Nobody is going to do your home work for you.

Also, housing isn’t a problem here, but affordable apts, are scattered all around sactown. Commuting is a problem, traffic is almost but not as bad at the bay area.

Jobs, are scarce though, if you plan on working while going to school.

George asks…

Considering the housing market and economy, would it be most beneficial to list a home now or wait to 2011?

Due to our financial situation, it’s in our best interest to sell our home (or go bankrupt). We can wait awhile to put the house on the market, but wonder if we’d be missing a potential buyer NOW. We need to sell, downsize, and reduce spending, before our savings runs out. We’re in our 60′s and retired with only a small income stream and some large medical issues. Our savings is drawing down rather quickly. We could rent, but plans are to purchase a smaller home in a senior community with the proceeds from the sale of our current home, which is only 3 years old. Our costs will be lower for the home we would move into and we should still have some proceeds left over from the sale of our current home. Timing and receiving maximum value for our current home is the issue.

Administrator answers:

The new home buyer credit expired April30.

Joseph asks…

can 1 room,1 hall HDB flat be rented out?

I am looking for a 1 room,1 hall HDB flat for rent. I cannot afford for bigger house as the rent is quite high, and we are just couple to stay for 1 year in singapore. There are lots of adds for availability of such 1+1 HDB flats.
I want to know whether we can take such flats for rent, as I heard that such small flats are for senior citizens and lower wages persons only. But some property agents have such availabilities.
Kindly please guide me.

Administrator answers:

Don’t think so. Get a 2+1 instead and maybe share a room with you friends. Anyway, there is no such thing as a “Good Property Agent”. Money speaks.

Richard asks…

Do you want him to burn Qur-an?

Pastor in Koran furore accused of using ‘slaves’

September 10, 2010

THE US pastor who has provoked international condemnation for his plan to burn 200 copies of the Koran has been accused of using his own flock as slave labour in a furniture business.

A former worshipper said he worked 72 hours a week without pay for Terry Jones, who insists he will go ahead with the Koran burning to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US.

Mr Jones, pastor of the Dove World Church in Gainesville, Florida, runs a used furniture business with his wife, Sylvia.

While the pastor moves between two homes – a house in Slidell, Louisiana, and a holiday apartment in Tampa, Florida – his unpaid workers, motivated by their Christian beliefs, live in low-rent accommodation he owns.

Shane Butcher, who was expelled from the church for disobedience, told the Gainesville Sun he worked for the pastor’s TS and Company for up 72 hours a week without pay, and meals were provided from a ”food bank”.

Mr Butcher said punishments for disobedience ranged from cleaning the barnacles off Mr Jones’s boat in Tampa, to carrying a life-size wooden cross or writing out all of Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible.

”We carried a card that said ‘obedience is always blessed’,” he said.

Jennifer and Daniel Engel, a German couple, travelled to Gainesville on special visas hoping to do missionary work but quickly found themselves working in the furniture business.
Mrs Engel said when her husband decided to return to Germany she was instructed by a senior pastor to divorce him.

Emma Jones, the pastor’s daughter from his first marriage, has described her father’s church as a ”cult”.

Police in Gainesville are braced for violence at tomorrow’s Koran burning after members of Mr Jones’s congregation threatened to take guns as a ”precaution” against attacks by Muslims.
Mr Jones himself confirmed he had started wearing a pistol strapped to his hip.

Despite growing global criticism, Mr Jones said: ”We are still determined to do it. Instead of us backing down, maybe it’s time to stand up. Maybe it’s time to send a message to radical Islam.”

Telegraph, London

Administrator answers:

For heaven’s sake no.

Daniel asks…

I want to find a rental in Oregon and my credit has gotten bad in Alaska?

I’ve been on Alaska Housing for 8 years now and they help low income and disabled and seniors with rental assistance. I hope to transfer my voucher to Oregon because I am sick of Alaska. Yes, we get PFD’s up here every year but the cost of living is sky high and I’ve had nothing but drug users and alcoholics for neighbors. My credit has gotten bad because I’ve been very sick with multiple medical problems and lot of hospital bills now. I’ve been a good tenant however and rent always paid on time. I don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs. I just want a decent clean place to live where I’ll be happy again. I just had cancer surgery and tired of the jerks I’ve had for neighbors. Just today they were fighting again. With bad credit can I find a decent place to live in Oregon?

Administrator answers:

I’ve been a landlord in Oregon for 30 years.

Here’s a little secret about landlords. A lot of us private owners don’t do credit checks. We just like you to think we do them. The apartments and property management companies have policies that require their employees to run credit checks but a private owner is free to do whatever he wants and often he’s too lazy or too cheap to do this.

The other thing that goes along closely with this is the big landlords often have specific guidelines about what credit results are OK and what’s not. Your private owner usually works on a whim; hey, that one looks OK, that one doesn’t. In other words the private owner can bend the rules, apartments and property management companies don’t.

Personally, I do background checks instead of credit checks. I think the information it provides is a lot more useful. Honesty goes a long ways too. Just be brutally honest with your prospective landlord. You’d be surprised.

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