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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing For Seniors

April 24, 2012

Daniel asks…

What is low income senior citizen housing?

Also is there housing for senior citizens that live on nothing but Soc. security and they base the rent off their social security? what are the qualifications for that?

Administrator answers:

I would check with the link I provided below. They offer some excellent sources of information to the kinds of questions you are inquiring about.

Maria asks…

What are the requirements to qualify for rent stabilized housing in New York City?

I’m a college senior moving to NYC in July for a job at an investment bank and need to know how to structure my income for 2010 so that I qualify for rent-stabilized housing. How low do I have to go? Are there any special requirements other than a maximum gross income? Do dividend, un-realized swap payments and un-realized long-term gains count?

Administrator answers:

Rent stabilized apartments are not income dependent. Section 8 vouchers for subsidized apartments are no longer being issued. Housing projects have long waiting lists, and no one who’s not actively homeless really wants to live in them. Rent controlled apartments stop being classified as such as soon as the current tenant leaves.

Paul asks…

how can we rent a house for a Senior citizen and what the procedure?

she is my grant aunt she lives with us in a one bed room house but this house rent is very high we can’t afford to this house if we can get a house for a lower rent,

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you and your family planning to move into another place with your great aunt?

One suggestion would be to contact your local housing authority. Although funds are tight in these programs funded by Housing and Urban Development monies cities and larger towns have a program called Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. If your household is qualified, you may receive rent assistance. The amount of assistance you would receive would depend on household size and the amount of income that you earn annually.

If you qualify, but no vouchers are available in your city or town right now due to limited funds, you might be asked if you want to have your name on the waiting list for a voucher. If you want assistance from this program, you will definitely want your name on this list.

The other suggestion I have is to call your local Area Agency on Aging. These agencies are a font of helpful and practical information and resources for seniors and their families. You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find out the Area Agency on Aging serving the county where you live. I am confident that you will find helpful and friendly people there who will listen and provide insights and information that would be helpful to you and your aunt.

Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes!

Thomas asks…

Question about the elderly and retirement?

What happens when a person who’s lets say in their 70′s become to old to physically work but they have no savings and all they have to rely on is their social security and they have no family to live with. How do they survive?

Can they be put on state or is there low income housing for seniors that can adjust their rent according to social security?

Administrator answers:

They survived just like everybody else who are on fixed income..and yes to your other questions, they do have low-income homes/housings/apts etc and they can get help with welfare if needed for food etc..they can get help with utilities too..You also can contact the Dept of Agings and Senior Citizen Centers..=)

Robert asks…

income based housing for senior citizens?

is there a type of housing for senior citizens who have low income such as live solely off of social security. where their rent is based on their social security checks or whatever?

Administrator answers:

Yes, there is more than one type of subsidy. The biggest one is Section 8 under HUD but it takes a few years on a waitlist to get a voucher or to get into a site-based building. The process is still faster than for families for a senior apartment and you must be 62. You pay 30% of your income in rent.

There are tax credit properties which offer a few income-based apartments so the owner gets a tax abatement.

There are rent-reduced or ‘affordable’ senior apartments where the age requirement is 55, 58 or 62 and the rents are just lower than market rate rent.

There are HUD-subsidized buildings which have their own waitlist and dont require a Section 8 voucher. You pay 30% of your income for rent. The waitlist can be only a few months or a couple of years.

There is some kind of program for rural housing under HUD. Check their website.

Donna asks…

we r disabled seniors getting $650.00 a mo max, n 200,000 in bank, we rent, n r goin thru savings. need advice?

We want to buy r build a small substaniable green home in area that has low property tax, we r worried because our cost of living expenses r higher than income, n forces us to use money we earmarked for a home. We can’t qualify for anything because we have savings, n when we tried to get low income housing, they say our income is too low. We can’t figure this out, we were wondering if we have any options ? We have no other resources except a 2001 yr. model car. Please give us some ideas. Where we live isn’t working anymore now that we r older. Thanks !

Administrator answers:

Have you considered joining an intentional community? Many of them allow
you to purchase a membership share in the community, then you can build
your own green home. You can hire helpers from within the group; sometimes
they’ll help out like the “barn raising” group projects from an earlier era.

We first began looking at communities by climate zone. Where would we want
to live with a primary residence? Arizona desert for 8 months? Colorado for
Summer? We bought a 5th wheel trailer and diesel pickup truck to go exploring
last Spring. Thought we’d visit some communities, but didn’t plan our trip well
enough to visit them when we wanted to. They need some lead time.

We are in a similar situation, though still active and working part-time. We
don’t have near the savings you have, and we’re using up what’s left.

George asks…

I am stumped about what is ethical, what is honest and what is plain snitching?

I live in a Senior apartment complex. My neighbor found a boyfriend and is living with him in another state BUT she has not moved out of her apartment! She pays the rent every month. Her boyfriend pays for her total living expenses plus lavish gifts.
This is low cost housing and there are other Seniors on the list waiting for an open apartment.
Do I tell the managers? or keep my mouth shut?

Administrator answers:

You tell the manager. But you better be absolutely positive about her other living arrangement. She is depriving another that could really use the apartment. She is responsible for her actions. She is being irresponsible and selfish. Not the kind of person you might consider a friend. You need feel no guilt. You are not breaking any rules. You are looking out for other folks. You’re a good person.

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