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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing In Los Angeles

November 15, 2012

George asks…

once in a life time offer?

Im 27 years old, originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to New Jersey after i met my boyfriend while he was on vacation in LA. it was love at first site and we are still happily together after 2 years. I have met such amazing good people out here, my bf has an amazing family, i have amazing roommates and an awesome house with low rent!! i was really blessed with the risk i took moving accross the country. i was just recently offered an amazing job opportunity back in LA. this is an amazing once in a life time job offer that would set me for life…im talking about a career! amazing benefits and pay!! the problem is that it was so easy to get up and leave LA for NJ for a reason; im not too crazy about the lifstyle and the LA scene and that everything is just so superficial. real friends are hard to come by in LA…my bf said he is definitley considering and thinking about taking a chance to move to LA with me…if he doesnt i would be devistated…i dont want to leave my home and friends and family out here to go to a miserable lonely place, but this job is a dream! what do i do? hope for another great offer knocking on my door or leave my life i made for the one i already left??? please help!

Administrator answers:

Job offer is once in a liifetime but is it going to make u happy even if bf moves w u …..

John asks…

Poll – do you think this rent increase is too much or average/ok?

It’s a very nice house worth $1.2 mil. in Los Angeles. Was rented out too cheap for $3600/month. After 1st year landlord increased rent to $4,000 and after a little over another year increasing to $4,400 saying their property taxes/mortgage payments have gone up, can’t help it. (it us not under rent control so legally the amount is ok). Do you think the landlord should lower the amount?

Administrator answers:

No, i solution, move to the bronx like everyone else is doing

Joseph asks…

What are the best cities in California to live in?

My mom plans on moving to california with me an my younger brother. She wants to either rent a 3 bedroom apartment or 3 bed house for no more than $1500 a month. The area must have low crime incidents and higher education levels and low pollution. And somewhere pretty close to Los Angeles. I’d appreciate your answers.

Administrator answers:

Murrieta/temecula right now the prices are down and it’s a really nice area near wine country somewhat close to LA and san diego we have a lot of commuters that live here. It’s safe and great for families.

Lisa asks…

Should we Sell? Rent? Lease/option? Home southern california. Population grow = higher price or more poverty?

My dad passed away and left a home to me and my brother. Now we are trying to figure out what we should do?
The house is in Rosemead, Ca. (los angeles area) My dad had taken out a loan on the house even though it was paid off years ago. Hey, it was his house so he has the right to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Anyway there is loans in the total amount of 160k. Payment of about 1050 per month. Saw posts where people say rent it out and wait it out for a few years. But what will be the the force that will drive the market back up to new highs? Will banks forget that quickly and start giving out easy loans like crazy (subprime, stated income, interest only, fog a mirror type ). Easy money and low standards brought a bunch of buyers into the market But Now credit is getting tighter. Will it really turn around or is it simply my wishful thinking that says hold on and give it a few years? 2 years ago 440k now maybe 375k, 2 years from now ??? (320K) or lower bcoz more frclsrs?
in our case it’s not a question of ownership. home was in living trust, property was property titled to trustee of living trust.

Administrator answers:

You may need an attorney to go through the PROBATE process.

It’s not clear whether you and your bro got the home through your dad’s LIVING TRUST, or was it simply a WILL. A will means AUTOMATIC PROBATE. The purpose of probate will be to establish who or who all has the LEGAL AUTHORITY over the house.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to go thru this process. The sooner, the better.

I’m an agent in Southern California.

Susan asks…

How to get rid of my neighbor’s satellite dish?

My family has been living in a rented townhouse for three generations in Los Angeles. With rent control our rent is very low (around $500 a month). New units rent for around $1800 a month or more. We recently got new neighbors who installed a new, very large and annoying satellite dish on a tripod right in the middle of our back porch which is shared between the two units.
I have complained to the main office about 6 times and they refuse to force them to get rid of it despite it being against several regulations. 1) It is wired through the wall which is strictly prohibited and 2) it is an annoyance and an eyesore to the point where others complain about it, and 3) it is a safety hazard. This thing is so large my husband has nealry it his head on it just leaving the house 3 times!
The main reason the office has given me for not dealing with the issue is essentially this: the neighbors are new and thus, they pay more rent. Hence, they are more valuable. Well bump that! How do I deal with the problem without wrecking personal property or getting in trouble with the landlords myself? Can I possibly work with DirecTV personally?
To clarify: the dish itself is attached to the property, it’s ON MY PORCH! So yes, totally attached, and totally against several stipulations in the contract. I just want to know what I can do to get rid of it without getting in any trouble. Dismantling it myself would get me in trouble as I would be destroying personal property (i.e. the dish that the neighbors own).
To clarify: the dish itself is attached to the property, it’s ON MY PORCH! So yes, totally attached, and totally against several stipulations in the contract. I just want to know what I can do to get rid of it without getting in any trouble. Dismantling it myself would get me in trouble as I would be destroying personal property (i.e. the dish that the neighbors own).

Administrator answers:

Calling Direct TV might work.
Telling them it is on your porch and that your husband has a hard time going under it. It is in his way.

Sandy asks…

Child support wars, pls help?

My ex and I have been separated for about 2 yrs. He get his kids on the week ends and 2 hours during the week. He suppose to go half with me on everything (which is unfair) because the kids are in my care all the time and he cant be there because he works long hours and I understand that I am all for him working but when I need his help he says “I cant pay you for being a mom or you wanted these kids now deal with it” Now he suppose to buy diapers for my daughter every 2 weeks and he is always late and always say dont you have some already. Its very hard and frustrating but I have little money and he has a really good lawyer for our child support case, I fear he will get off and I will be stuck with taking care of expenses for my kids alone. They live with me, I think he should help, am I right? My rent is low and I dont need money for food but they still wear clothes, use things in the house, I have car expenses, gas, utilities and I take them to school every day, I even pay the baby sitter for gas and he pays half the child care but dont pay her for picking up the kids I do! I want to do the right thing but he scares me with this lawyer he pays so much for and I have no lawyer, need a low cost lawyer for los angeles pls help.

Administrator answers:

He sounds like a deadbeat and he should be paying more than just half. If he is behind and once he falls behind more than like 5 grand then you can take him court and he can get charged for non-support well this is how it is here in St. Louis.

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