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January 15, 2013

Sandra asks…

Know of a corporate uniform company that follows the same quality and style as Ann Taylor?

High-end luxury apartment communities that need more image and style than the uniform companies out there that I have found. We could go to Ann Taylor and buy them, but that poses two issues: 1. what happens a year from now when we bring on someone new, and 2. we only have females that would be wearing the uniforms now, but what do we do when a male is hired? Located in Orlando, Florida.

Administrator answers:

Try Ameripride – they specialize in that type of business.

William asks…

Are there Planning restrictions within properties of a Heritage Site?

Planning permission was granted in 2007, the site will be demolished and re-developed into another souless block of “luxury apartments” . This all in a supposed Heritage site!!!
Can anybody tell me if there are any restrictions within this sort of area, I know a bit about listed buildings but am flumoxed as to why on earth permission was granted at all

Administrator answers:

Normally they restrict the type and colour of materials used ..all so the height of the buildings am surprised when you say flats ..suggest you go down to your local planning department and ask to see the drawings …and ask them questions about ant future developments

Betty asks…

How many apartments could $1 billion build?

In New Orleans,
how many apartments/complexes coul $1billion build?
Not luxury apartments, just bare minimal, but sufficient housing?
Thank You!

Administrator answers:

Bill Gates? Is this you? Are you going to donate a billion dollars of housing to our great city?

Paul asks…

Can you buy a block of flats to sell your self?

I want to buy an old building or block of flats to make into luxury apartments, where and how could I do that? Im really serious about it. So any websites or places I could buy the building or whatever would be great :) any advice thanks xxx

Administrator answers:

Try a commercial estate agent.

Thomas asks…

Like OMG, these OWS flea bag is ruining my air, what objects should I throw at these peasants?

Should I throw my pitbull at these ugly Occupy Wall Street Hippies, they’re ruining my luxury apartment with their presence of air.

I will sip my 20,000 champagne while these hobos Occupyiers will starve in their turd tent, with their stinky self.

Administrator answers:

You’re really screwed up in the head.

Helen asks…

Customer Service Training – Ideas for an Icebreaker game?

I am presenting to a group of about 150 associates (customer service reps at a luxury apartment company), and I am looking for a fun, interactive game/icebreaker that emphasizes/trains customer service skills? Any suggestions? Websites?

Administrator answers:

Try a game of sell the trailer and have a picture of the worst run down trailer blown up and pinned up then have everyone interactively come up with slogans and sales pitches to sell it as a luxury apartment. It will keep the group on focus for the subject and it might cause a few laughs.

Linda asks…

I want to buy a flat in Shreeram Panorama Hills in Vizag, pl suggest about the quality and their standards?

Shreeram Panorama Hills is a multi storeyed and luxury apartments being constructed in Vizag outskirts.I want to know about about the experiences of others who purchased flats from them earlier. ( shreeram is a reality major, belonged to shreeram chits/ Insurance group , they constructed flats earlier in Banglore and other major cities.)

Administrator answers:

Possibility of earlier purchaser in YA and happening to answer your question is very low. So better visit one of the completed project of that company and enquire directly to have a first hand correct information.

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