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January 28, 2013

Daniel asks…

Should my neighbors be evicted or can I just leave?

We moved into a luxury apartment complex about 5 months ago and pay premium rent for what we thought to be a perfect apartment. Recently, a couple of violent neighbors vandalized 3 cars that were sitting outside, including mine. I witnessed them repeatedly kick one car, causing severe damage to the entire side of the car. They then kicked my car, which caused a dent, and kicked another tenant’s car. We called the police, and they were arrested and charged with vandalism, menacing, and disorderly conduct. Upon arresting my neighbors, the police walked to my apartment to get the police reports. So now they know where we live and who called the police on them. We contacted the office about this, and they will not do anything about it. My family is scared that they will do something like this again, or worse. Legally, shouldn’t they be forced to leave, or shouldn’t we be able to move somewhere else and break our lease?

Administrator answers:

You said the management wouldn’t do anything about it? I find that unreal. I was an apartment manager for 25 years, same property, 300 very nice units. If that happened on my property, the people that did it would have been evicted before they had time to arrest them. They would take care of paying for the damage on the cars they created also.

I would allow you to move to another unit for your own peace of mind. I wouldn’t let you move out of the complex without penalty, but you could move without cost.

If I were you and you are telling the story correctly I would go over the manager’s head and go directly to the management company. Anyone that has a luxury apartment complex does not want things like this to happen or go without punishment to the ones that caused it. That just does not happen.

Sandy asks…

appartment condo with pools on the banconies?

I briefly saw an image of a luxury apartment condo building on which each balcony had its own swimming pool. But I have not been able to locate the building. Can someone please tell me where this building is?

Administrator answers:

That would be pretty hard to answer unless you narrow it down a bit for us. I’m sure there are thousands of buildings like that throughout the world.

Betty asks…

Did you hear about the little old man crying on the park bench?

An old man is sitting on a park bench crying.

A young man is walking by and asks him why he’s crying.

The old man says, “I’m retired and I have lots of money, a huge luxury apartment, a beautiful 25 year old wife who loves me and has sex with me twice a day”

The young man says, “Well then why the hell are you crying!?”

The old man replies, “I can’t remember where I live!”

Administrator answers:

Very good. Always neat to have a friend put a smile on your face. Makes for a great day.

Lisa asks…

Waht should I do about the crazy bag lady that lives upstairs?

I live in this so-called luxury apartment, but it’s really a ghetto. My proof is that, not just the partially disassembled space shuttles on blocks in the parking lot, but the crazy bag lady who lives above me. She goes to the dumpster every day & picks through the trash. She comes back with people’s actual garbage bags & brings it inside to pick through. This has exponentially increased the varmint level of my apartment on a huge scale.

She used to pick through it on her balcony, but the management told her that was a fire hazard, so now she just hauls the trash inside. She will fill her apartment up so much, that she has no space to actually use it. So she’ll sit outside in the breezeway of the apartment building & listen to her evangelical radio & pick through trash in the way of everyone else. She also is cursed. I was at the supermarket recently, she walked in & the ATM/Credit card reader stopped working. She left & everything worked again.

What should I do about her?
Should I call some agency? The landlord doesn’t seem to mind her trash activities. Should I call the health department? Do I need a mystic of some kind to remove the curse she’s toting around? Is there a way to have her somehow reassigned by karma to go somewhere else?

She’s also a candle burner, so the combination of that trash and fire is not looking good. I don’t own too much crap, but I want to keep what I do have.

I feel real hostility against this poor weirdo. I need to do something before I snap and do something I regret, like bitch slap her on one of her trash finding expeditions. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t use our dumpster to throw my trash out. I use my work dumpsters so I don’t contribute to the problem. Who will deal with this insane cursed trash demon of a woman?
Ok, since LadyB has no problem with the smell of trash and insects in her house, perhaps she can send me her address and I will send the all the stuff to live with her. So how about it LadyB, what address can I send a few thousand roaches and a half of ton of trash to?

Administrator answers:

Are you for real SPACE SHUTTLE PARTS?! Sounds like you just need to move to me.

Michael asks…

How many minutes of hot water should you be able to get out of a decent hot water heater?

How many minutes of hot water should you be able to get out of a decent hot water heater? I’m paying TOP DOLLAR in a ‘luxury apartment building’ and I know that my unit has a dedicated water heater. Yet, after literally 18-20 minutes MAX in the shower, the water is cold. It then takes several hours before another hot shower can be taken.

Is this atypical or does this sound right?

Administrator answers:

From the sounds of it you have a hot water assist servicing your apartment. When I was living in a hi-rise I found that if I showered during normal hours early AM and later PM the hot water was scarce see if there is a difference at an odd hour during the weekend.

Additionally, if you are indeed the owner of a heat assist the contraption will be in your apartment and if you locate it you may be able to tinker with the controls shhhhhhh I didn’t say that.

Most likely though it’s in a super secret place and used to assist more then one apartment. You would need to schmooze the super.

Your building probably considers 20 minutes plenty of time…fools. Showering with a friend can take….longer.

I looked up the average length of a shower and found this tidbit

“Most Americans shower everyday, for 10 minutes or less, and spend 35 minutes of time in the bathroom, on average. These are some of the not-so-surprising findings on people’s ablutions derived from the 1999 Bathroom Habits Survey, American Standards poll of more than 800 U.S. Residents.”

Nancy asks…

What is the average pay for a Property Manager?

I am wondering what the standard pay would be for a Property Manager of a luxury apartment rental. Should the pay be hourly or a flat rate per booking of the rental? What is the average rate of pay for this type of job? Would appreciate any info!
The job is presently for 1 property and requires organizing cleaners, setting up for guests (ie. purchasing flowers etc.), being present for arrival and showing them around apt., giving them info about area attractions and being in contact with them for duration of stay.

Administrator answers:

Usually a percentage of the year’s lease. So a $2,000 monthly lease would generate $2,000 for the manager. Most states allow a person to manage one property. Managing a 2nd property means that the manager needs to get a realty license.

Most managers would make $30,000 to 40,000 a year but they are managing many places.

Mandy asks…

Apartments close to either Baylor or Southwestern?

Looking to make a move and will either be close to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas or Baylor University Medical Center. I am looking for a nice, safe (preferably luxury) apartment within a mile of either location. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Administrator answers:

Uptown Dallas is within easy driving distance (10-15 minutes) of both facilities. There are nice luxury apartments there and a great lifestyle. You would be in walking distance of public transporation to UT Southwestern but I am not sure about Baylor.

For Baylor, there are some nice apartments in the Lake Highlands/White Rock lake area. For UT Southwestern I would look in the Lovers Lane at the Tollway area or some of the new rejuvenated apartment/townhouses in the Lemon Avenue area.

Linda asks…

I feel like my ceiling is about to buckle, should i complain about my upstairs neighbors?

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a luxury apartment complex. We couldn’t be more pleased… However, Our upstairs neighbors who moved in a few months ago sound like a practicing bowling league. Our ceiling shakes, light fixtures rattle, constant noise…starting at 6 a.m. and stopping, whenever it is they choose to go to sleep. I know apartments are built differently, but this is getting ridiculous!! Is there a polite way to do this?

Administrator answers:

Complain to your Rental Company and see if you can get a Top Floor Apartment.

When you live on stacked apartments, you have to pick one that fits you. If you have a Water Bed or Dog you usually pick the bottom floor. If you have kids you usually pick the middle floor ( to help with heat bills). If you don’t have any pets, don’t have a water bed, and don’t have kids.. But you are also not disabled or elderly ( as the stairs can be a problem) you pick the top floor.

Remember the top floor can still hear things from below and the top floor will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter but you should have less problems with noise and shaking rooms.

Your other alternative is to get a Townhouse/Townhome instead of a Garden Apartment. They cost more but you don’t have any neighbors above you or below you.. You just have to deal with them on your sides and some times behind you as well.

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