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February 1, 2013

Paul asks…

Can you watch to F1 in monaco for free if you can view the track from your private balcony?

If you are a resident in the Monaco principle and are able to view the F1 grand prix from your very own luxury apartment balcony, do you still have to pay for a ticket?

Administrator answers:

You don’t have to pay. Although, I imagine if you can afford an apartment in Monaco, you could afford a ticket for the F1.

Ken asks…

How are towing yard/impound lots storage fees regulated?

How do they justify charging more to rent a dirt parking space for a month than a luxury apartment with covered parking?

Administrator answers:

They are regulated, the city tells them how much they are to charge. They all have to charge the same too, they can not charge less. The charge is determined by the city the car was towed from, not the location of the storage yard.

Robert asks…

Is it legal for my landlord to raise the rent?

i just got home from holidays and slipped under my door was a rent increase notice. the landlord is raising the price from $500 to $620 and believe me, this is not a luxury apartment. The radiator leaks and makes so much noise, theres dings all over the walls, bathroom door doesnt close properly, leak from the ceiling etc etc.

what can i do about this?
Oh yeah the rent increase takes effect April 1st

Administrator answers:

Are you on a month to month or an annual lease? If your lease expires March 31, 2009 then providing the landlord gives you 30 days notice, which he has, then he has every right to raise your rent, if you are on a month to month lease then all the LL needs to do is give you 30 days notice to raise the rent for the following month and can do so each month if he desires that’s why having a long term lease is always to your benefit, if your lease does not expire 3/31 then he does not have the right to raise it until your current lease expires. If you don’t care for the rent raise then you have the choice to give notice and vacate, if moving is not an option then you are subject to the increased rent effective April 1st.

If there are problems with the unit have you addressed these problems to your landlord in writing? If you haven’t then you cannot complain that the place is a dump, it didn’t become one overnight it was like that when you moved in, if you dont’ like it then you do have every right to move.

The radiator problem and the roof leak are obligations of your landlord to repair and repair quickly, as for the dings in the wall and the door not closing those are cosmetic and your landlord doesn’t have to fix those timely. Dings are easy enough to fix yourself so is the door. I suggest you address the radiator and roof leak in writing immediately, after all if you are going to pay an additional $120.00 a month then you at least have the right to have things working.

Good luck

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