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February 17, 2013

Sharon asks…

What is the avergae pay for receptionists in real estate?

I work in a management company that managements several luxury high rise apartments. They offered me the permenant salary? Whatis a decent salary to ask for? i asked for 40,00 do u think thats too high or too low?
whats a good hourly to ask for ?

Administrator answers:

I learned around 30,000 to 40,000 is good.
Some reception isn’t salary wadges though, like mine it’s still hourly, but I get more bucks per hour than retail does.

Maria asks…

Can someone tell me the name of this play/story?

I think it’s called “The Most Dangerous Game”, but I know that title already exists. The story I’m talking about contains some people in a luxury apartment. They have to kill each other for a very good position for some toy company or something like that. I remember the characters Mr. Whitney and Ivana. And there was poisonous lemon meringue pie involved. HELP?

Administrator answers:

Yeah if we’re thinking of the same thing it is called ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ – the play’s online in PDF format

Betty asks…

Apartment in Manchester City Centre or Fallowfield?

I’m a guy, mid twenties, love nightlife. Single. Bit of a womanizer..haha Looking to meet women around 18-21 only. Where best to live? and I want a luxury apartment budget around 700-800 pounds per month.

Administrator answers:

Didsburys good and has plenty of Pubs and Restaurants. Very lively at night. Manchester city centre is extremely expensive.


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