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June 8, 2013

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know a good site to find long term apartments in Belgrade?

Something like a craigslist. Belgrade doesn’t have one apparently. All I can find are short term vacation rentals or extremely expensive luxury flats. I’m looking for normally priced furnished flats.

Administrator answers:

Well it is easy to find it just one problem you need to know Serbian since English isn’t official language in Serbia.
But I found something for you (there are many other but on Serbian)

Use online translator for other if you don’t find it here just google Iznajmljivanje stanova Beograd.
Here you will be able to find that.
Prices depend on location, size, gear(air condition) and etc. Best way is to searched it online and then see it in person (like anywhere). It is hard to do it if you can’t see it in person.
In Belgrade there are top prices, It is cheaper elsewhere.

Good luck on this and have a nice time in Belgrade.

Steven asks…

Does the Marx brothers childhood apartment still exist?

I’ve seen two buildings that have been labeled “Marx brothers place”
Both seem to be too up to date to be the crappy little tenement they grew up in. Does it still exist? And if so has it been remodeled so much that there’s no way to get a glimpse into their childhood?
I’ve always wanted to see what they’re childhood apartment looked like, but I have no clue if it still exists.

Administrator answers:

Well he lived in Carnegie Hill, which is now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. The building is probably still there, but gutted and renovated to a luxury apartment or office likely, they don’t have any crappy tenements from 1900 anymore in Manhattan

Susan asks…

how expensive is living in an apartment near USC?

What’s the average rental cost for a fine apartment? I don’t want crappy ones, but I also don’t want waaay too expensive ones.

Is $2200 per month is enough?

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to USC, you should look at USC owned/managed on-campus and off-campus housing. Even though USC is in a bad area, because there is high demand for rentals, the rents aren’t that cheap considering the area. You can find something nice for $2200, but many of the downtown LA “luxury” apartments are filled with students, and have problems with theft, parking, etc. The downtown apartments tend to be 3 to 5 miles from USC. Google: downtown Los Angeles luxury apartments, to find some buildings. The true luxury rentals are condos and are more expensive.

There are some nice buildings near Staples Center (2 miles from USC) that should be in your budget. City Lights on Fig is near Staples/LA Live, it likely suffers from the same issues as the downtown apartments full of students. 1111 S. Grand Ave is a nice building, you *might* find a rental in your budget, it’s about 3 miles from USC.

LoftLiving is a website to find downtown area rentals.


You might also live further away if you don’t like the downtown LA/USC atmosphere, like near The Grove (Fairfax & 3rd, 8 miles from USC), Culver City (8 miles), Marina del Rey (11 miles). Living on the Westside means traffic to downtown/USC. There is also Los Feliz neighborhood (9 miles), Glendale (12 miles), South Pasadena (12 miles), and Pasadena (14 miles).

Good luck!

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