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June 13, 2013

Sharon asks…

How Do I Know If This Is An Apartment Scam?

I am currently looking into a new apartment space and I have my sites on one. The person says they need a security deposit so how do I safeguard myself from this being a scam? I dont want to move in until January.

Administrator answers:

Make sure you sign a lease and you can also “check up on the Landlord” by doing a wee bit of research on the internet yourself. Also feel free to ask other tenants in the building that you see as you are coming and going. NEVER just “give up” money when you “have a bad feeling” because if you have a bad probably is for a reason. If you are from a big city where apartments are a “luxury” to find…there are as many scammers as there are honest landlords. Do your own research before you hand over the $$$$$. Good luck.
Peace, Love & Happiness

William asks…

Renting a room in a shared house?

I am moving into a room, leased out by the owner who owns the apartment(outright). They are luxury apartments which you can buy, so i guess the owner bought one and he is staying in one of the rooms, another student in the other and me in the last one.

I am going to sign a lease soon, what should i look out for in the lease.
E.g-Things like what would happen if he decides to sell his apartment?
What else?

Administrator answers:

Who pays for utilities, cable, things like that. If you want high speed connection in your room, how is that handled. Get a sense of practical issues, like how the common areas are handled, does anyone have rights over it, who cleans, who pays for utilties. Is there a security seposit? You want to know under what conditions they can access the deposit, particularly since you are not the only one using the place. It should only be applied to damange in your room, not common areas or other rooms you do not have access. I hope its a very big condo, b.c three people in an apartment that are all strangers sounds very tight to me.

Mary asks…

Can a mansion have suites like little apartments inside of it?

I was reading a book, and this woman married this billionaire who still lived in the family’s mansion, but he had his own little apartment/suite. I’ve never been in a mansion, but I’ve never heard of one with suites either. Have you ever been in or heard of this?

Administrator answers:

Mansions usually have wings, suites, apartments, or something of the sort for the luxury of the people who live there.

Thomas asks…

How do I legally break my lease…?

I recently moved into a “Luxury Apartment” and signed a one year lease. I have had several maintence problems since I moved in and have had a very hard time getting the problems resolved. Recently my husband was given orders to deploy to Afghanistan and I want to move back home. More recently I have discovered that one of the apartment’s maintence people came into my apartment while I was gone and looked up pornography. I no longer feel comfortable in my apartment and need to know if I have grounds to terminate my lease. I’m not sure if there are any state laws that help but I live in NC. Also, I did put the event in writing and filed a report.

Administrator answers:

All you have to do is provide your leasing office a copy of his orders. Legally they cannot bind you to the agreement if he is in active military duty and he is half of your income source. I hope your maintenance dude washed his hands.

David asks…

What is standard protocol for tipping doormen and maintenance in an upscale high rise apartment?

What is standard protocol for tipping doormen and maintenance in an upscale high rise apartment?

Are there others that I should consider tipping as well?

I live in downtown Chicago.
I meant during the holidays…sorry

Administrator answers:

You normally tip those folks at Christmas time. As a resident, you don’t tip them every time that they do something for you unless they REALLY go above the call of duty for a specific request. $100 to $300 would be typical for a doorman in a luxury building, and $50 to $200 for a maintenance guy who provides good service.

Betty asks…

What are the essential basics for a new apartment?

First apartment and super excited! On a limited budget, so I need to know what I should buy for my new place!


Administrator answers:

My first apartment had: bed, dresser, my grandfather’s kitchen table and chairs, portable TV, a pole lamp, set of dishes and flatware, pots/pans, sheets/towels. If you have family/friends locally, ask them what they can donate. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can put together something unique and comfortable. Then allow yourself one luxury per paycheck whether it’s an appliance, electronics, drapes, rugs, etc. Don’t forget to hit local thrift shops, Salvation Army. See if there is a CraigsList for your community ( You can do very well there. Just make sure you meet to buy in a public place and bring along a friend. Your first apartment so exciting. Congratulations!

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