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June 23, 2013

Richard asks…

what does a decent 1-2 bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh cost to rent?

I just want to know the normal amount of a down payment and monthly rental cost of a apartment in Pittsburgh, or just outside Pittsburgh.

Administrator answers:

It depends on what area you live in and how nice the apartment is. In and around the University of Pittsburgh, 1 bedroom apartments are between 500 and 700, and two bedrooms are generally 700-1000. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Squirrel Hill (a neighborhood to the east), and my apartment is $610 a month (it has a security door, is in good shape, and includes all utilities but electricity.)

If you move slightly out of the city, the price goes down– a little. One bedrooms can be found for 400-550, and two bedrooms can be found for 600-800.

Obviously, you can get luxury apartments downtown for a lot more– but a good estimate is 600 for a decent 1 bedroom, 800 for a decent 2 bedroom.

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

How do I find romantic luxury apartment in Rome for 25th wedding anniversary?

Art Professor and his wife are celebrating 25th wedding anniversary. Preferably near Piazza Navonna, (Not near Vatican), romantic – travelling in winter

Administrator answers:

You can also try here:

and here:

Thomas asks…

How far in advance to seach for NYC apartment?

I’m going to school in NYC in August. When should I begin contacting apartment managers? I’m basically looking for a 2BD in either Brooklyn or the Bronx. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You should contact them as soon as possible. Also, consider asking them about the no fee option, which I’m sure many apartments are offering now.

If you’ve got some funds to spend and is looking to live in a surrounding with a dash of luxury, try the Upper West Side’s Columbus Square. They’re actually offering the no fee rental at this time to promote the grand openings of their new apartment buildings.

Nancy asks…

Does my landlord have to fix my central air, when it is 87 in my apartment?

I called the office and no one answered the first time, the second time it went straight to recording and the office hours were over. The had an emergency maintenance line, so I called. After listening to different recordings they said a broken AC unit is not an emergency because there is no heat advisory, and if you had central air, to just call your leasing office. I can’t reach anyone because the hours are over. At a previous apartment, they considered it an emergency over 80. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

In the vast majority of cases, AC is a luxury item and not considered an emergency.

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