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July 5, 2013

Betty asks…

How much does it cost to rent a luxury apartment (or at least good standard) in Oslo, Norway?

I am moving there soon and am looking to budget. Any pointers to websites or genuine info will be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

See below.

Daniel asks…

Can I work in hollister if I’m age 20-24?

A lot of people were shock that I’m age 22, they think I’m 17 or 18, I also have a luxury apartment and I need some money! Is this ok?
People describe me as:
Long thick hair
Natrual Makeup
Good nail designer
Straight spine
Thank you for answering ^^

Administrator answers:

Yeaaa :) My sis is 23 and she’s in college and has a part time job there. Tbh I think they prefer people who are in the college age range, because they’re more dependable and can work better shifts that high schoolers so I’d say go for it. Plus, if you look younger, it’s a bonus :)
Good luck xo

Paul asks…

How much could I afford monthly for an apartment making 9.00 an hour?

How much could I afford monthly for an apartment and utilities all together making 9.00 an hour working full time? I wont have a car, I will take the subway every where.

Administrator answers:

You can have roommates, you can go dumpster diving for most of your groceries and furniture, you can suddenly hit the lotto, you can look for a second job, you can mail your parents for money, you can have sticky fingers operating the cash register at subway, you can do some whoring on the side, you can find a girlfriend and manipulate her. There are a lot of ways of surviving, the question is how low do you want to go morally and ethically.

One of our best strategies is go open a bank account, and save your money every week. Buy groceries on sale at the supermarket, go find the cheapest supermarkets there are, limit the purchase of luxury and temptation items. Don’t go out that often and when you do, go out with friends, don’t eat out everyday, if you can, eat at subway for some of your meals if your boss is paying. And when you have time, try and look for a second job, or a better paying first one.

Carol asks…

I have two weeks to find an apartment any tips?

I’m screwed! I know I am! But does anyone have any tips on how to find a place in two weeks. I’ve already applied at 2 different places, but I won’t know till next week if i got them. I live in Ontario, Canada.
I stupidly turned down a place cuz the shower was too small, and I regret it like mad. Now it seems I don’t have the luxury to be picky. Does anyone have any tips to follow? Has this ever happened to you?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist you can search by price and location

Then if you have to wait longer see if there is a motel that will give you a weekly rate, that way you can continue to look.

Maria asks…

Is it a turn on to hear a woman having sex?

This migh sound cheap. I’m a 31 yr old. I’m out of a relationship and basically horny as hell. I’m after a 54 yr old at work. We are going away on a work trip and will be sharing a two bed luxury apartment. I’m thinking of basically having sex in the room next door and letting my man (54 yr old) hear my groans of pleasure. One of the guys from another company is into me and hes only 25….would this be a turn on?

Administrator answers:

If he likes you and then hears you having sex with someone else when you know he can hear then he will obviously assume you’re not interested in him and give up. Just try to start something with him instead of having sex with someone else. That really is the stupidest plan to get someone interested that I have ever heard.

Richard asks…

How to use a radiator to heat apartment?

We have just moved in to a small 1-bedroom apartment, and being spoiled city kids, have always had the luxury of central heating. Now we have radiators throughout the apartment, and no idea how to turn them on, regulate temperature, etc.. There is a rad in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, and a smaller one in the bathroom. Are they all controlled by a “central rad” in the apartment, or can we regulate them individually? And how would we turn them on?

Administrator answers:

If they are the old timey steam radiators like the ones I had in my apartment, then you may be at the mercy of the building’s thermostat. This can be a curse and/blessing depending on where you are situated in the building. I was on a top floor corner apartment and had 4 radiators. In cool spring and fall weather the boiler wouldn’t turn on and It’d be pretty cold up there. But on the coldest winter day I still couldn’t turn on all 4 rads because it would get too hot! It’d be 85 up there in January- I loved it! The radiators had only one valve which could be turned either all the way on or all the way off- no middle of the way temperature adjustment. If you crank the valve all the way on (lefty loosey) and you hear the pressure release valve start to ‘whistle’ then that should mean that the boiler is on and (it might take a while) you will start to get heat. If no whistle it probably means the boiler isn’t lit.

For the cool but not cold spring/fall days, you might want to get a space heater.

I recommend talking to the building administrator to make sure everything is okay and that it’s done right. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Can you live in an apartment for the rest of your life and never own a home?

I don’t think I will ever have the luxury of owning a home simply because I don’t make enough money. My question is, is there anybody who has been renting for a long time? Can you get through life somewhat happily in this type of living situation? I’m not one who is in need of a lot of luxuries, I’m a simple guy :D I’m able to save some money every month in hopes that when I get old and can’t work anymore I will have enough money to support myself throughout my retirement.

Administrator answers:

Look at it this way. No taxes to worry about, there is always someone to pay for the repairs…the landlord. I love it..I have never been in a home…I love apartments. I can’t take the added expense of taxes especially here in Jersey. The taxes are through the roof. Rent is high as well but I have a roommate and have a great landlord. No big deal. I am very happy. And Safe!!

Sharon asks…

How much are bills when you are living in a two bedroom apartment?

There are four of us gonna liv ein two bed apartment. How mucheould all bills/utilities cost

Administrator answers:

U.K. Answer…….. Outgoings are as follows,

Council tax is payable if you are not students…£1,000 a year.

Rent 2 bed, depends where you are located, say £500 a month….certainly not LONDON

Gas, Electric, Water. Say £1,200 a year.

Sky, telephone,Wi/Fi….Luxury…but if required add £50 a month minimum.

Insurance for your stuff….???(£40 a month if you are bothered)

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