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July 29, 2013

George asks…

If you moved into a luxury apartment, would you enjoy a gift basket from the agent? What should be in it?

Survey of customers for what items should be included in a welcome home gift basket to new tenants.

Administrator answers:

Gosh that would be really nice…I would be so appreciative of that… Do like an item for each room of the house…Maybe include…..Bottle of wine or champange and glasses or flutes (kitchen) and some gourmet cookies or crackers…..A couple of gift cards to local coffee shops or specialty stores….some scented candles or potpurri (bedroom, living room)….. Maybe a few garden items like flower seeds or bulbs (yard/garden) Oh, great idea…New address labels. That would be cool…If I think of anything else I will add it on.

James asks…

What are price ranges for apartments in London, England?

Trying to find a nice affordable flat or apartment in London, England. Any price ranges and any specific hings I need to know before buying?

Administrator answers:

“Affordable” is all in the eye of the beholder.

Clean, bright, fully-furnished, 1-bedroom flats/condos/cottages are available throughout London and surrounding areas for short and long-term rental. Typically well-maintained, located in areas that are centrally located (close to schools, shopping, hospitals, parks, local places of interest, etc.). Most all include appliances and furnishings with weekly/monthly rentals including utilities, cable & wifi, as well.

Selecting a comfortable extended-stay flat is worth investigating for those who are planning on staying in any area for substantially longer than an average holiday. Obviously price-range would depend primarily on Location, Location & Location. Example- flat boasts views of London bridge and located right in the thick of things. Lovely and spacious. Fully furnished and centrally located; £197 nightly.


Smaller flats with less spectacular views, possibly not as centrally located and just basically ‘less’ would be less. This one looks really sweet: clean, comfy, and lovely, all the way around (only $35 nightly), short-term or long-er term stay. Located close to practically everything- places like this are definitely worth pursuing. rental:

Securing an hotel room in London (and vicinity) would be far more expensive than leasing an extended-stay or short-term room/flat rental. The average hotel room running anywhere from $150 – $400 nightly (luxury hotels being much more expensive). But a short-term lease, 1-br flat may be $75 – $150 nightly, and (depending on the length of the lease) may be as low as $40 – $50 nightly.

There are also reputable families/individuals who rent spare bedrooms, etc.- catering specifically to the extended-stay, temporary (or longer-term) out-of-town visitor. Credit and background checks would be par for the course with any/all of the above.

The link below is an example of the literally hundreds of available online short-term/long-term room-flat-condo rental agencies in the London area. apartment rental:

“Buying” an apartment in London would be a bit premature if one hasn’t stepped foot in the area. Buying any property anywhere in the world would qualify as being hasty and somewhat knee-jerk about the whole thing. Buying property is a commitment and in today’s economy wouldn’t be such a wise move if one had never been to the area. If one were to buy a property and soon realised they were homesick, (or if they needed to relocate, again), it may prove to be financially disastrous. IOW; renting a flat or even sharing a rental for a period of time would be the best way to determine if one was truly interested in making it more permanent. Spending time, exploring extensively..walking about, seeing what the area is like-what it has to offer, is the only real way to tell if it’s purchase-worthy.

One of the most economical ways to secure a roof overhead would be to find a flat-mate. There are flat-mate-finders in every city. It’s a more proactive way to go about finding the ‘perfect’ place, as one can pinpoint what type of living space they’re searching for, and join forces with a flat-mate. The roommate-finder companies are beneficial as they have a ready-list of all available properties as well as all of the listing particulars. One can specify if they’re looking for a ‘cozy single efficiency rustic bungalow’, or ‘high-tech, modern, spacious condo’, etc.


Some cities are more expensive than others that is a given. Large, bustling, metropolitan cities that have a lot to offer are more expensive, still. That doesn’t mean that one can not locate a lovely flat, rent a room, or find a great flat-mate and stay in the ‘perfect’ place for a reasonable amount of money. It really takes securing a temp-spot that’s located in the basic area one intends to live and pounding the pavement. Looking through the local classifieds and online for places to let, signing-up with flat-mate-finders/room-mate-finders, contacting local realtors re: short-term rental properties, scanning all local short and longer-term flat rental agencies.. All best accomplished by being there.

Helen asks…

How to get my first apartment?

Im trying to get my own apartment. My credit is anything but perfect. i think its like 600. its bad. its my first apartment. I have a good stable job and i make 3x the rent so im hoping that helps. dont u wish they knew what a good person u are. lol!!! any tips or advice would be great!!!! i also wanted to know how much i should estimate for utilities. I work most of the week so I wont be there that often.

Administrator answers:

For a first apartment they’ll probably want a stable work history, at least 6 months I should think. A guarantor would be the best thing, but sometimes estate agents are sticky about jobs status (retirement or unemployment), income, and how much money they have in the bank. If you can avoid it don’t have a credit check. People like having the reassurance that you’re solvent and not a trouble maker with a bad history, but if you can get away with it it’s £150 you could avoid paying. If you could pay the initial term of the contract in advance you shouldn’t have to pay for a credit check. Say you want a 6 month lease to start with, pay the 6 months rent and deposit (all above board with receipts and everything) up front and then you’re secure for a while. However that takes serious financial backing and few people starting out the first time have that to fling around.

If you’re living on your own you’ll have low bills if you’re frugal. Gas and electric shouldn’t be more than £45 together a month, however all basic utilities are based on what kind of meter you have and what band you fall into. Previously we paid £32 a month for water at our flat, now it’s reduced to £12. Gas and electric companies may want you to pay twice what you need to if you go by direct debit so make sure you’re only paying for what you’re using. Prepay meters are great for people moving out for the first time. It helps keep you aware of how much you’re spending, but the tariff is usually higher. Groceries may teeter at £50 a week for comfortable living on your own. Council tax will vary according to how many people you live with, and the tax band again. I’ve only ever seen it range from £80-£100 for two. From personal experience a TV license will be more expensive at first but after 6 months to a year the rates halve. Shop around and see what rates you can get on your utiliies, is fantastic. Sky offers good packages on phone/internet/tv combinations, so you don’t have to spend all your money getting the little luxuries.

Budget. Make sure you have enough for transport to work or that you can keep a car. If you’re bad about nights out and mobile phones do yourself a favor and pay as much as you can in advance or put it away so you don’t spend it, lol!

Chris asks…

What are some good ways to receive donations online?

I live in a apartment with my mom and we’re pretty poor. My dream is to become a film director and I’m heading out to college pretty soon and am in need of a new video camera. I have paypal, just need to find a way to get people to donate for me.

Administrator answers:

A video camera is a luxury item. People do not donate money for stuff like this. They donate to charities and worthy causes. Also it is illegal to solicit donations unless you are a registered non profit.

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