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November 7, 2012

Jenny asks…

what are some luxury furnished apartments in downtown toronto?

I mean a nice building and in a good location..

Administrator answers:

Check out The major rental agencies don’t typically rent furnished units. Your best bet would be to rent a condo from a private investor. There are quite a few nice buildings along Bay street, near Yonge and Bloor, and along the waterfront.

There are many high-end buildings scattered around Toronto. If you stay near Yonge street you can’t go wrong, and most of downtown (west of Yonge, east of Spadina, south of Dupont) is a pretty decent location.

James asks…

an ex owes me £80,000, can I put a charge on some luxury apartments he is building now, how would I do this?

The money was lent last year, July 2008. He is paying me back around £1,000 a month but I have now just found out he has a new girlfriend and obviously his loyalties don’t now lie with me, he is building some luxury apartments on the back on his house which the bank will have first charge on as they are lending him the money, can I put a second charge on these to put my mind at rest.

Administrator answers:

It’s easier than you think…..go to the Land Registry website, down load a UN1 form (unilateral notice form, this way you don’t need his consent) complete it and send it to your local Land Registry office with a fee of £50.00 and they will register it as a notice on the charges register. You cannot register a charge per se as you will need his signature (all legal charge must be made by deed).

This does not guarantee that you will get the amount back but he cannot sell the property or lend on the property until you are informed and given an opportunity to have your claim investigated further. If you claim is successful you will receive your monies back.

Mark asks…

What qualifies an apartment as a luxury apartment?

I see listings for “luxuryapartments. What does this mean in comparison to regular apartments?

Administrator answers:

Usually things like good air conditioner systems, furniture, jacuzzi bathtubs and sometimes a door man/desk who opens the door collects your packages. They tend to have features that are beyond the outside surroundings. Kind of the difference between a Resort and a Hotel if that helps. Like at a Hyatt Hotel there is a doorman, but at Best Western, you just walk out your self.

Laura asks…

What are the facilities provide by the Luxury Penthouse Vacation Apartments Spain?

Administrator answers:

Do you want to narrow the location down a bit or shall we just guess ?

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