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December 11, 2012

Robert asks…

Where can i rent luxury and well-furnished shanghai serviced apartments?

Really in need of that!Help!Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Maybe the one called “Aquaspace Shanghai” can help you if you want to live in Lujiazui.I have seen their apartments with my friends several days ago.Luxury ones.

Michael asks…

Why don’t apartments have a light fixture in the Living room?

Every Apartment, including luxury apartments do not have lighting in the living room. I have always wondered the reason… And if you can find an apartment with them in the living room.
Thank you for your answers…

Administrator answers:

More flexibility in room design without a fixed light. They figure that you can add lighting where it is needed with table and floor lamps. I’ve seen a lot of apartment bedrooms without ceiling lights for the same reason. Well that didn’t come out sounding right, nothing meant by it though. The main thing is flexibility in furniture placement. Good luck, enjoy your new place.

Helen asks…

Where are the most luxurious apartments in Las Vegas?

Can anyone give me the names of some very nice gated, high-end luxury apartments in Las Vegas? Like where everyone would live if they could? Thanks!
Thanks for the link, I did try some rental sites but its kind of hard to tell that way, I thought I’d ask some locals.

Administrator answers:

Summitatsunridge in henderson

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