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December 18, 2012

Mary asks…

i want to know about Sterling Suites Luxury Service Apartments Bangalore?

Administrator answers:

May I be so bold as to refer you to Google?

It has 32,400 hits on that topic

This is the official website.


Nancy asks…

what is meant by luxury apartments?

its amenities and features?

Administrator answers:

Luxury is relative.

For a normal low income group person living in a Hut, a concrete house is a luxury,
For a Middle Income group, Marble Floor and fancy electrical & Sanitary fittings is a luxury,
For a high income group Palace is a Luxury,
For Ambanis, 27 floor house in heart of Mumbai is luxury.

Paul asks…

How to make luxury buildings fully equipped with technology?

My question is open and aims to generating ideas in this area of how to make large/tower buildings with large number of tenants equipped with technology. New form of utilities has emerged, like internet, video on demand, Telephone over IP, smart elevators. There are also new technologies available that could be used to equip luxury apartments with fantasy electronics. This new form of utilities and equipment need to be planned, designed, blue printed, implemented, operated, managed and maintained. Any ideas ?

Administrator answers:

Lol, you might want to narrow your question and give specifics towards your direction.


William asks…

What are good, affordable apartments near Medina and Brunswick, Ohio?

I recently accepted a job offer in Lorain County and would like to move into an apartment in either Brunswick or Medina in the coming months. I am looking for a one bedroom or studio. I don’t necessarily need somewhere dirt cheap, but since I am living alone a luxury apartment is by no means necessary for my needs. Any suggestions or shared experiences will be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

This site should help you. The Medina zip code is 44215 and Brunswick is 44212.


Also, check Craigslist for both Cleveland and Akron-Canton, searching for both Medina and Brunswick for each metropolitan area.



Lizzie asks…

does apartments next to a house bring the house value down?

I gave an offer for a 3600 sqft home. they brought 80000 dollars down. i can get it for 275. K Hovanian homes. But there is some luxury apartment being built on the other side of the road. now this is a new community with million dollar homs around the other corner.

Administrator answers:

Hard to answer without knowing the exact details, but that seems like a big discount. You should find out more when the appraisal is done.

Lisa asks…

What would a 2bedroom gated apartment cost in montego bay,jamaica?

I need average costs,not for luxury apartments please.I intend to get my own furniture&electronic gadgets.

Administrator answers:

2 Bed apartment in Montego By , Jamaica = $120,000 USD. Unfurnished.
Check out real estate , they are good.

David asks…

Is it against regulations or some law to have gas stoves or ranges in apartment complexes?

Why do you never see gas ranges or stoves in apartment complexes? It is always electric stoves. Is it against building codes or some law to install gas ranges or stoves? Or is simply a matter of cost? But then, even luxury apartments and condominiums don’t have gas stoves.

Administrator answers:

I have NEVER lived in an apartment with electric. I have lived in 5 different apartments and everyone has had gas appliances. Maybe it is a regional thing.

Daniel asks…

What is the average cost to rent a studio apartment in Manhattan?

In a luxury apartment building>?

Administrator answers:

Around 2200.00

Joseph asks…

What is the price for Jaypee Greens Wish Town Apartment project coming up in Noida?

Any one who knows the official launching rate for upcoming Jaypee Greens luxury apartments in Noida. I would like to invest in Noida real estate market.
Please tell me various options to buy “Noida Apartments

Administrator answers:

The price for Jaypee Greens wish Town project is Rs 6100/sq ft. So the apartment start at Rs 9760000/- for 2 bedroom apartment measuring 1600 sq ft. The 4 Bedrooms are about, I think 3300 sq ft. If you are interested you can also try Google search ” Jaypee Greens Noida” and I also saw a Google ad on right side of the search page claiming 1 lakh discount on the purchase. Seems to be a good deal, but you must confirm terms and conditions and make sure you get the discount agreement in writing.

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