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October 7, 2012

Lizzie asks…

27 year old couple (young professionals) moving to Atlanta from Maryland —- 1010 Midtown OR Gables Midtown?

My fiance and I are moving to Atlanta (from Baltimore, MD) in a month and just got back from a brief visit this weekend. We narrowed our housing search to a condo (would be leasing) at 1010 Midtown and a luxury apartment in Gables Midtown. We weren’t quite able to grasp a ton about demographic in our short time there, but would love any thoughts you can lend!

What Gables seems to lack in location, it seems to make up for in space and what 1010 lacks in space it seems to make up for in location? Can anyone shed some thoughts!? Is Gables all college kids? Is 1010 not work the high rent?! Is being closer to Piedmont Park (1010) a super perk? We weren’t sure how much goes on at the park!

Administrator answers:

1010 is a much nicer location. Monroe Dr. Is not a very desirable address.

Of course the biggest decision besides location is do you want that high rise lifestyle or a traditional apartment complex style of living. I would prefer the much more upscale high rise lifestyle.

Sharon asks…

Where to live in Atlanta GA for a summer internship?

Hello, I have already ask many friends who have already been to Atlanta,GA, but I keep on getting different answers with no specifics. I currently live in North Carolina in a pretty small town that I cannot wait to get out from! LOL I’m from South America, and I have been raised in a crowded city until the age of 14 near the beach. I love big cities as long as I’m able to live in a pretty decent area.

This summer I have been given the opportunity to work for a company(internship) near downtown Atlanta so I’m looking for a place to stay for 3 months. So far I have been looking for places around East Lake, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Decatur, Druid Hills, and Virginia-Highland. I will probably visit the place a little more before renting a room or apartment, but so far Buckhead, and Decatur seem more appealing. I understand that traffic is a problem so I cannot not live very far from downtown, but I also need to live in a safe area where I can park my car at night with no hesitations. I will be driving a luxury car, and I will also be wearing a suit everyday so I will most likely call the attention of criminals pretty easily (I’m short and skinny too…hahaha) . I don’t really know what to expect, but maybe I’m just worrying too much. Any comments would be very helpful especially if you live within the area. Budget($600-$800 per month for rent)
Thank You.

More details:
-I would not mind paying a little extra for rent just in case my budget is a little low.
-I would not mind driving around 30 to 45 minutes with traffic.
- I prefer quite and private areas, than areas close to everything. I do not mind wasting extra gas.(I prefer not to walk)
-Just to be a little more specific: I prefer to live close or within the educated/rich neighborhoods.

Administrator answers:

All of those are pretty great places. Of all of them, Buckhead, Decatur, and Virginia Highlands are the most centrally located and safest, and places I would choose to live in. In all of them, you will have traffic. Lot’s of traffic. With that being said, Buckhead and Decatur both have access to MARTA, which may not matter considering you will be driving. Virginia Highlands has no super close MARTA station, but is closer to down town and pretty much right on top of most of the major highways. At Virginia highlands, you will have noise, considering it is in the center of a huge shopping district. Decatur, while a really nice place to live, does have it’s extremely seedy and dangerous parts, so if you get the chance to talk with residents while you’re there, ask them if they have any trouble with crime overflow. Buckhead is were I grew up, so I can tell you first hand that it’s nice, but you run a high risk of living near a huge jerk. Seriously, straight up jerks. Also, it will probably be kinda hard to find a $600-$800 rent in Buckhead, unless you strike a really good deal. Honestly, this might be true with all of them, as they’re all either established neighborhood for the wealthy, or yuppy central meaning you’ll be over charged.

William asks…

Parent Problems/Baby Name Opinions?

I know this isn’t a baby names question but I spend most of my time in this section. I’ll add the names i’m thinking of at the bottom for those of you expecting a question of opinion on those :) otherwise, I’d just have to post an entirely sperate question. I’m actually looking for an opinion on a problem that has been nagging at me since the day I graduated from high school. So, here goes:

My husband and I both come from very wealthy families. From the time we were born everything has been handed to us basically on a silver platter. I know many people would kill to have lives like this but I think in today’s society too many people (especially young people like ourselves) have an insane sense of entitlement. Preteens with expensive cell phones, 16 year olds demanding brand new cars, and college students partying 24/7 on daddy’s dime. I won’t say i didn’t get a brand new car the day I turned 16 and my parents certainly paid for every dime of my college education, but really, enough is enough. My husband has lived the same way all his life, and after we got married we made a pact that we wanted to create our own life together so we can know that we are earning every luxury we have. So, currently we live in a 1 bedroom apartment a little outside Atlanta which we’ve paid for ourselves. We’ve been married almost exactly 2 years (i’m 24, he’s 26) and i’m 22 weeks along with our first child. My husband and I had been talking since we got the pregnancy news about upgrading to a house because obviously our apartment is going to be getting a little cramped with a baby coming. So, the two of us hired a real estate agent to help us browse homes in our area until we find something in our price range as a small starter home. His mother got wind of this (we’d been trying to keep it low-key but my husband spilled the beans) and absolutely INSISTED that his parents buy us a “decent house”, saying how she could not have her son and daughter-in-law living in such average homes as the ones we had been browsing. She hired her own real estate agent and ever since has been going around (without us), snapping pictures and getting prices on 5+ plus bedroom homes. My husband and I both agree that someday we’d like to have a big, beautiful home with many bedrooms but it seems a little excessive now when we don’t have the need for it. And when we do get to that point, we want to pay for it ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for everything my parents and my in-laws have given us but this is just too much. We’ve tried to have this discussion with his parents but that only resulted in a phone call to my parents (who live in Virginia) which resulted in both his and my parents completely ganging up on us. My husband and I even discussed allowing them to purchase the home now and working out a plan where we can pay them back just to please them but they will have NO part in that. It’s very frustrating and it’s making me very upset. Am i being ridiculous? My friends say take the money and run, but it’s very important for me teach my children that they must work for what they have and how can I do that when I’m setting a terrible example with my own actions? I have an otherwise wonderful relationship with my parents and in-laws and I know that refusing this “gift” will cause major tensions in that relationship. I don’t want to be a couple that becomes estranged from their parents and their children grow up not knowing Grandma and Grandpa. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry that was so much to read. What are your opinions on the whole situation? Is anyone else going through a similar situation?

And here’s the names I promised :) any opinions? Feel free to mix and match. Go ahead and suggenst different first names but please don’t suggest alternate middle names, the ones I have listed hold special meaning for my husband and me.

William Peter
William John
Jackson Peter
Leo James
Avery William
Nicholas/Nickolas John

Mila Evangeline
Gemma Evangeline
Penelope Jeanne
Leah Margaret
Norah Jeanne
Lilah Michele
Vera Michele
Gemma Michele
Della Jeanne
Lilah Judith
Carolina Judith
Vera Belle

Thank you! -Ellie May
To: “it’s me lol!”. I’m sorry to have offended you in any way at all but really, is it necessary to say I’m a bragging sinner. I did not post this question to let everyone know how much family money I was born into, nor did I mention anything I’ve ever received in my life to put anyone down or feel better about myself. I was simply trying to convey my point across to anyone who had suggestions for me. And to say that I’m an ugly person and that my child will be a terrible human is awful! Maybe you should look within yourself and ask why you are preaching to me when you are the one harboring so much hatred. I’m trying to teach my children to be honest working Americans so you can take your critisism elsewhere.
Glitching Gecko: My husband and I both have stable, well paying jobs. We don’t sit at home eating bon bons all day, haha. So no, our child would not have a poor quality of life living on only our combined income just to answer that. But wow, I never thought of allowing them to purchase the house and then donating the money saved to charity. That sounds fantastic and I’m sure everyone in the family will agree on it without any hard feelings. My husband is sitting here saying how we can deposit money into the bank as if we were making a house payment. I’m sure we could even convince his parents to tell us what the house payment is so we could match it or work out a system of our own. I really do hope to teach my children valuable lessons such as these but maybe generosity is the moral of this story.

Administrator answers:

I sympathise with you, but I’m also jealous. My parents don’t have any money spare, or saved, they are still paying off their mortgage (at 50, got at least 10 years left) and my husband’s parents can’t even support themselves, let alone anyone else.

I’d think about your child. If you can afford a nice place, with room for the child, a garden etc, then fine, make your own way. But if you can’t, and either you, or your child is going to miss-out because of your pride, take the money. Also, if you think your relationship with your relatives is going to be damaged so much that you do not have contact with them afterwards, take the money – It’s not worth losing people over.

You could tell them that you are going to pay them back, and if they don’t take the money, you will donate it to a charity they support (or you support) in their name instead.

All of the boys names are wonderful, except Avery. And I wouldn’t add the K to Nicholas, it looks odd :-)
I like Gemma Evangeline, Leah Margaret, Lilah Michele and Carolina Judith. The rest are a bit old for me :-)

Edit – The only person here I’m offended by, is “I’m just me! Lol”. I think you voiced your question very well, and didn’t brag at all. Jealousy is a horrible thing to witness.

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