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June 19, 2012

Mandy asks…

Moving to Chicago..What luxury highrise apartments do you recommend?

Looking for a safe neighborhood…Pref in a trendy/young area with rent that is not sky high…Any recommendations? Looking for names of buildings, areas and any other recommendations..Thanks!
conflicting requirements? lol…you act like I gave a price point or told you i was looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath under 2k or something…stop being obnoxious and don’t comment again if you don’t have anything nice to say or recommend..

Administrator answers:

Try The Chicagoan on Chicago Ave. It’s about a block from the watertower. My dorm last year was 2 blocks away from it and I’ve heard good things. I think it’s $1600/month for a one bedroom.

Sandy asks…

Recommendation of apartments in DOWNERS GROVE, IL?

I am moving to Chicago to start school at Midwestern University in DOWNERS GROVE. I want to know if anyone knows any good apartments in the area? If someone could recommend some good luxury apartments…with good security and stuff in the area that would be great…thanks

Administrator answers:

Try these links. Good luck!!

Steven asks…

Will Obama’s rockstar power be enough to save taxpayer bank cheat Giannoulias from losing his old senate seat?

Obama’s Thursday afternoon campaign event for Giannoulias, the beleaguered state treasurer of Illinois, reportedly raked in $1 million. Lagging behind his GOP opponent, liberal Republican Rep. Mark Kirk, Giannoulias has coveted one-on-one, grip-and-grin time with Obama for months. In addition to the cash, photo-ops and video of the Obama fundraising event that Giannoulias will milk from now until Election Day, the White House has dispatched Vice President Joe Biden, White House senior adviser David Axelrod and White House campaign management guru David Plouffe to boost Giannoulias’ bid. Plouffe proclaimed Democrats “all in” for Giannoulias, whom he described as “a great progressive champion.”

Obama gave his own personal seal of ethical approval, telling deep-pocketed donors this week: “I appreciate his strong sense of advocacy for ordinary Americans. You can trust him — you can count on him.” Uh-huh. And I’ve got a bridge to Hope and Change to sell you.


What would Giannoulias know about “ordinary Americans”? Giannoulias, 34, befriended Obama during pickup basketball games with an elite group that also included Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig; Chicago edu-crat Arne Duncan (now Education Secretary); and hedge fund manager John Rogers (the ex-husband of the Obamas’ ex-White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers). He spread his wealth and influence around early and often to support Obama’s fledgling political career. He pitched in $7,000 in 2003-2004 to Obama’s Illinois State Senate bids. He hosted fundraisers for Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2004 and for his presidential campaign in 2007.

Where’d the cash come from? Giannoulias’ Greek immigrant family founded Chicago-based Broadway Bank, a now-defunct financial institution that loaned tens of millions of dollars to convicted mafia felons and faced bankruptcy after decades of engaging in risky, high-flying behavior. It’s the place where Obama parked his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign funds. And it’s the same place where a mutual friend of Obama and Giannoulias — convicted Obama fundraiser/slum lord Tony Rezko — used to bounce nearly $500,000 in bad checks written to Las Vegas casinos. This week, the Chicago Sun-Times revealed an additional $22.75 million Broadway Bank loan to a Rezko-owned business in 2006. Giannoulias held an ownership stake in the bank at the time.

Giannoulias served as Broadway Bank vice president and senior loan officer for four years. According to the Chicago Tribune, during Giannoulias’ tenure, some $27 million of Broadway Bank’s funny money went to mob crooks Michael “Jaws” Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos. Giorango is a hustler who fronted a nationwide prostitution ring and was sentenced to six months in prison; Stavropoulos is behind bars for operating a multistate bookmaking ring. Giorango ran the $400-an-hour call girl operation out of high-rise luxury apartments in Chicago with the infamous “Gold Coast Madam,” Rose Laws. Giorango and Stavropoulos used their Broadway Bank loans to start their own risky lending business for nontraditional borrowers unable to secure traditional bank financing.

Despite Giorango’s criminal record exposed by the Tribune in 2004, Broadway Bank approved massive mortgages for him. Giannoulias’ brother, Demetris, explained that as a “relationship bank,” Broadway wouldn’t just throw someone under the bus because of a “bad article.” Instead, the bank went ahead and rubber-stamped a September 2005 loan for $3.4 million to buy a 32-unit Los Angeles apartment complex. The application falsely stated that the borrower, Giorango, had “not been convicted of a felony.” Giannoulias oversaw the servicing of such shady loans totaling $11 million. Remember: He was no low-level staffer. He was, as he reminded supporters when he needed to deflect attention away from his youth, top management at Broadway Bank.

In January 2010, the bank entered a consent decree with federal and Illinois state regulators. It required Broadway Bank “to raise tens of millions in capital, stop paying dividends to the family without regulatory approval, and hire an outside party to evaluate the bank’s senior management.” The city’s former inspector general blasted Giannoulias and his family for tapping $70 million worth of dividends in 2007 and 2008 as the real estate crash loomed. Broadway Bank was sitting on an estimated $250 million in bad loans. In late April, federal regulators shut it down. Cost to taxpayers: an estimated $390 million. Giannoulias refused to drop out of the race — and instead used the company failure to argue that it made him more qualified to serve in office: “I have a renewed vigor and a new perspective on just how horrible it is out there for so many people.”

Administrator answers:

No. Everyone is onto the crooked Chicago Machine now. Obama and the rest of those cronies are exposed now. People will be watching for the voter fraud. Watch for the smears though.

Joseph asks…

Company Newsletter Name?

I recently landed a new position at work and my first project is to head up our company newsletter. I work for Archstone and we are an apartment real estate investment company that builds high end luxury apartments in California, Seattle, New York, Chicago and the D.C. area. I really need some help coming up with a catchy name for the newsletter, that doesn’t have to have our company name in it! This newsletter will have company updates, employee focuses, happenings and new developments, things to keep everyone in the loop and pat people on the back for their dedication, hard work and customer service. Any ideas?


Administrator answers:

What about The Informer? I like that because people like to be educated when they make a decision.

Carol asks…

Chicagoans I need your advice! Moving a Chicago. What’s a good area to live?

Hello, my husband and I are moving to Chicago in a few months and weren’t sure where to start looking for apartments.
Right now we may end up renting a friend’s apartment in the Edgewater area, just north of Uptown, on the Lake; it’s 2 br / 2 bath for $1,400, a great price. We may be able to afford more but that will depend on the jobs we get, which we are still searching for.

As far as what we are looking for, all of these are things we like but we are ready to compromise:
- We like that old town home look on the outside
- A fire place would be just perfect
- Hardwood floors.. a nice plus but not necessary
- pool, gym, washer/dryer, dishwasher would be awesome additions but might at this point be a luxury, lol, so like I said, we’re ready to compromise :)

We are looking for something in town to be in the middle of it all (& neither of us will be bringing a car). We are both turning 30 this year, and we like to be active but are past the crazy night out/drunken outing stage lol, so we don’t need to be THAT close to where it all happens.
We enjoy the outdoors, the community events that are put on, quaint little pubs, the theater, taking a nice stroll around the streets or Grant Park.. you get the idea.

So there you have it! I’m looking online but it’s so confusing when you don’t know the area specifically yet! What areas are unsafe? Which are too far to downtown? Which sound like they would be a good fit for us given our age/likes?
I have a friend who lives in the Ukrainian Village and he has the type of place we like but I wasn’t sure, is that close to downtown?

As you can see I have many questions :) All input is appreciated!! I love your city, I can’t wait to move!!! :D
Thanks for the suggestions but we are not looking to be in the suburbs. We are young professionals without children living in a metropolitan area for the first time and want to be at the heart of it. Not to mention we won’t have cars, as I’ve specified.
Thanks so much Richard for the tip! That’s very good to know, and the kind of valuable information I need. I appreciate it!

Administrator answers:

Ballerine82… Thank you for your question.

According to the statistics to be found at the Chicago Police Department’s website “east Rogers Park” could be described as a somewhat iffy, sketchy or questionable part of town, but it is not one of Chicago’s worst areas. Not even close.

The City of Chicago contains a total of 77 community areas. Rogers Park is one of these community areas and it has a population of 55,000. Much of the crime in Rogers Park occurs in east Rogers Park basically the area east of Clark Street and toward the lake and north from Loyola University to Evanston, IL. For the last 12 months Rogers Park had a total of 6 homicides of 1st or 2nd degree and 428 other incidences of serious violent crime(criminal sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, & aggravated battery). Last 12 months of property crime for R/P: 1512. So the Rogers Park community area does have the highest rate of violent crime on the north side lake front.

Chicago Community Areas and the neighborhoods contained within them:

Uptown is another of Chicago’s community areas, it has a population of 56,000. During the last 12 months Uptown has had a total of 4 homicides of 1st or 2nd degree and 313 other incidences of serious violent crime. Last 12 months of property crime for Uptown: 1752. So Uptown is not one of Chicago’s safest community areas, but it is not what could be described as crime ridden and unsafe
Edgewater is another of Chicago’s community areas, it has a population of 56,000. During the last 12 months Edgewater has had 1 homicide of the 1st or 2nd degree and 222 other incidences of serious violent crime. Last 12 months of property crime for Edgewater: 1396. So Edgewater, according to the CPD data for the last 12 months is one of Chicago’s safer community areas.

To compare the Rogers Park, Uptown and Edgewater community areas to the community area of Lincoln Park. During the last 12 months, Lincoln Park with a population of 64,000 had one homicide and 214 other incidences of serious violent crime. Last 12 months of property crime for L/P: 3114. Lincoln Park is considered a very safe community area(based on the rate of violent crime).

So comparing the three north side lake front community areas to the very safe Lincoln Park community area we see the 3 lake front areas are not so bad after all. Edgewater is as safe as the very safe community area of Lincoln Park.


Daniel asks…

what kind of job can i get with a degree in business?

well, after I graduate from college, I will have my Bachelors in Business and a Associates in either accounting or finance, so I was wondering, what type of jobs are out there with degrees in the fiancial field? How much do some of these jobs pay for starters? I will be either working in New York City or Chicago. So can someone please help me out here and tell me what type of jobs are out there for this and like that type of places I would work. Also, what my dream is, is to be like donald trump in a sense, I like real estate, I would like to have my own thing, like luxury apartments, condos, and so on and so forth, but its still a dream…so can someone please help me out here,,,

Administrator answers:

Business degree you’ll be fine

Chris asks…

Recycling Options for Renters?

I am used to recycling, but now that I’m in an apartment I don’t have the luxury anymore. It’s rather difficult for me to throw away paper and cans. Is there an option for me to take my recyclable goods somewhere? I’m not looking for a credit or anything…just peace of mind. Thanks!

P.S. I’m in Chicago.

Administrator answers:

Your city councillor’s office will be able to give you advice specific not just to your city but to your area, possibly even to your block.

Call them Monday morning. And keep up that good work.

James asks…

PLEASE HELP! Should I live with my mom’s house or my dads house?


Okay so I’ve already asked this several bunch of times but people just keep on saying ‘do what you think is best’, and now I want some real advice. When I was 6 my dad left me, my mom and my two sisters (who were 9 and 11 at the time) now my dad is the more serious type but nowadays he’s more non serious. he’s remarried to some white (were not white were from pakistan) really proper american type woman. Now my mom is hilarious she’s jokey and fun to be around with EXTREMELY FUN we’ve been playing this game since I was a baby which just always reminds that what if i move to my dads then i won’t be able to play all those games.

When I come from school i won’t come to the same mom who hugs me after school but to some workaholic and so is my dad a workaholic. My dad’s asking me now to come to his house (he lives in dc and we just moved to london(my moms family’s here) from chicago so no custody arrangements) Since the divorce my mom has been scraping bits of money selling her jewellery and gold so we can get some luxuries if i leave then thats all a waste of time because my mom had sold several bunches of her jewellery and i take up most of that share out of the siblings of how much she’d sold for us. Im the key person out of the family, I’m the only boy, the youngest boy, she loves me bits more than anyone else. And here are the pros and cons of leaving


non uniform school
-i <3 america because I'm from there
-my dad lives in the centre of city where he lives in nice apartments above shops
-i can spend more money because there more richer (were more poor)


-i’ll leave my mom
-it was a family of 5 then my dad left now its 4 and when i leave it’ll be 3
-my mom and i will miss each other to shreds

I LOVE MY MOM and it will help for you people who have moved to your dads or moms and left your dad/mom and give advice what would you like to change.

please give advice…usefulll advice and btw I LOVE MY MOM INFINITY MORE TIMES THEN i love my dad.
- @Rose… He I could tell he wants to start over… and so do I!

Administrator answers:

Honestly you should know your answer. You love your mom you keep saying it. I think your struggling with the money out look. You are more concerned about your life financially, which who can blame you. If money is more important then love then go to your dads house. Others words to leave your mom after everything she has done for you would be a b*tch move and would hurt her so badly. It sounds like she needs you more then ever. However, this is really your choice. What will it be LOVE or MONEY?

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