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Your Questions About Luxury Apartments Los Angeles

June 13, 2012

Carol asks…

How much would a luxury Los Angeles apartment cost?

I’m talking top floor bug windows skyline view and you can see the city lights

Administrator answers:

Not really my niche but I live in LA and have rentals, so I’d guess $5,000 a month at least probably closer to $10,000 a month or more.

Paul asks…

How do I apply for all the new apartments popping up in Downtown Los Angeles?

I work in Downtown Los Angeles financial district and I’ve notice how all these Luxury Apartments or New Housing Complexes currently being built all over the area. I haven’t notice any advertising for these apartments, but is there an overall website or resource for people interested in renting/leasing these apartments or lofts by the time they are done being built?

Administrator answers:

The best thing to do is to google the address or the apartment name. There are likely different companies building, selling or renting the units. Usually they will start talking to prospective renters/buyers before the units are finished, sometimes they have finished units you can look at, or at least the plans on a website.

There are also quite a few new units in Pasadena right near Gold Line metro stops.

Good luck!

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