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June 12, 2012

Ken asks…

Can someone who lives in Philadelphia PLEASE answer this question!!!???!!!?

Is it realistic for me to find an apartment there for 500 dollars a month utilities included???I want to move there, for college but that’s all I can afford. I don’t care if it’s in a bad neighborhood, and it doesn’t have to be a luxury suite or anything like that.

Administrator answers:

Check and


Sandra asks…

Are these characters considered ‘mary-sues’?

So, basically, I was given an assignment where I just write a ‘short story’- ( 50-85 pages) about any original plot I made up myself. I eventually came up with the idea Of a very stern, haughty police officer who is paired with the less-responsible daughter of the Police Chief against his will. When I handed in the mandatory plot sheet the teacher said it was fine, but I want to see if I should make the characters a bit more ‘realistic’. Below I have provided this template:

Name: Solomon Edward Janey ( Teasingly called ‘Sol’ by coworkers)
Age: 35
Personality: Very Proud, Straight-Forward way of thinking, Unsocial, Easily Annoyed, Hard-Working, and Insistent
Appearance: A ‘powder-like complexion’, dark gray eyes, and short, slightly graying dark brown hair.
History: The only child of a late Malpractice attorney and a nurse. He was raised in an average house in a solitary neighborhood, and spent more time with his mother than his father. Was known as a ‘braniac’ ( or rather, smart-alec) during school years, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Penn University. After spending two years in medical School, he decided to become a cop after witnessing a robbery in which the cops were obviously biased, and deciding that he would do a much better job. After becoming an official officer of PPD (Philadelphia Police Department) he soon established a very good place, living in a small townhouse making a modest salary. On his sixth year, he was paired with the slightly childish daughter of his boss against his will. He often finds himself arguing with her, but is forced to learn to cooperate when they are given the case of a murder of an heiress, and the attempted murder of her sister, who is now in their custody.

Name: Friday Bethany Allen
Age: 29
Personality: A bit of a slacker, slightly irresponsible, reluctant to take lead, quiet, childish, and thinks in ‘creative ways.’
Appearance: An olive complexion she inherited from her mother, brown eyes, and shoulder-length black hair.
History: Friday grew up with her single father and her younger brother. After having her mother leave at the age of 5, she became more introverted. Currently, it’s not as bad as it was, but it is very rare to find her chatting away. She dreams of becoming a detective after reading the complete Sherlock Holmes series, and was convinced by her father that becoming a Police Officer was the way to go. She was an average student, graduating with decent grades from her local community college. She just recently moved from her condo from the rest of her family to a small studio apartment in the city. When paired with Solomon on her first day she is turned off by his very cold attitude, but when given their first case, tries to get along with him.

Name: Alice Sophia Winston
Age: 21
Personality: Slightly-spoiled, sarcastic, logical, and very afraid.
Appearance: Milk-chocolate skin, wide brown eyes, and short black hair.
History: Alice grew up in a very large mansion, just outside of city-limits. Daughter of a business owner, and secret black-market seller, she grew up living a life of luxury. With full knowledge that as the youngest she would not receive the family fortune, she made sure to keep good relations with her sister. After the sudden death of her father, her sister’s own bloody murder during a fun night-on-the-town not even a month later, she is in fear of her own. Now in the care of the PPD, she finds herself under the custody of Friday and Solomon, two people whose constant arguing makes her feel as if she might just die anyway.

So when I passed it in, my teacher ( who was doing something on the computer) barley looked at it before handing It back without barley saying anything. To ensure I get the best grade possible, I would like some feedback on these three characters. Are they realistic? Are they developed enough? Please tell!

Administrator answers:

I’d say they’re fine. Mary-Sues form by lazy authors, and the fact that you put this much work into developing them already puts you aside. Also, Mary-Sues are perfect characters whereas yours have realistic flaws your audience can relate to (ie: Anti-Social, quiet, childish, easily scared, etc).

So, I’d personally say no, but if you still want to make sure, take these tests: (this one’s a bit similar to the first, but still worth taking a look at)

Hope I helped! Good luck with your assignment! :]

Joseph asks…

Can someone who lives in Philadelphia PLEASE answer this question!!!???!!!?

Is it realistic for me to find an apartment there for 500 dollars a month utilities included???I want to move there, for college but that’s all I can afford. I don’t care if it’s in a bad neighborhood, and it doesn’t have to be a luxury suite or anything like that.

Administrator answers:

That’s reasonable, if you get a roommate. Go on Craigslist and look at rooms/shares under Philly and you’ll get an idea of what you are looking at. If you want to live by yourself, there’s no way you are going to get a place that 500 including utilities. Even in the worse neighborhood in the city.

My advice would be to look for a place that’s two bedroom and try to find someone who needs a roomie. Or just look for someone trying to replace a roommate.

The cheapest and still nicest neighborhood to look in are:

Queen Village; it’s kind of pricey but if you look hard enough you may be able to find a two bedroom for around 800-900. It’s walking distance to almost everything you need and has a bunch of buses that will take you to all the major campuses (Drexel. Penn, Temple, U Arts). I use to live in this area just off South st and I loved it. My rent was uber cheap. I shared a three bedroom for about 400 a month plus utilities.

Bella Vista, which is the neighborhood literally right next to Queen Village. It’s generally a bit cheaper.

You can go deeper into South Philly to the Italian Market, Pennsport (kind of pricey) and find some really nice apartments for pretty cheap. Or to the heart of South Philly (where I grew up) and get a 2 or 3 bedroom house for about 700 dollars and month. It’s really nice there, the only catch is you’ll have to take a bus pretty much everywhere. But if you have a car you’ll have an easier time parking.

Going North you can try Northern Liberties. It’s the hub for the artsy/hipster/college students. It’s an up and coming (gentrified) neighborhood, so it still have some problems. But it’s really nice. It’s another area you’ll either have to take the bus everywhere, or have a car.

Lastly, and most obviously would be University City in the Southwestern part of Philly. It has lovely Victorian homes that usually have five or six bedrooms or are broken up into huge apartments. It’s my favorite part of the city after my home-neighborhood. Most college kids or young people in general will rent a whole house for a couple grand a month and share it. It ends up coming out pretty cheap. And worth it. If you’re going to Drexel or Penn I would suggest checking out this neighborhood first. Both campuses are in University City and it’s a 15 minute bus ride (10 by subway) into Center City. Honestly though you’d never need to leave the neighborhood because there’s everything you could think of is up there. A shopping district, movie theaters, clubs, bars, restaurants, markets etc etc.

Those are my personal recommendation. Good luck and an early welcome to Philly!

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