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September 13, 2012

Joseph asks…

How much money would i have in the end of the year if I live in San Diego? (cost of living)?

lets say i am making $120,000 per year. I want to live in a one bedroom apartment, not in the bad neighborhoods. I have a used car(BMW). No children or wife. Factor in gas prices, entertainment, food, taxes, fees, insurance. Not much a big spender on luxury stuff.

Administrator answers:

The first poster is way off.

Taxes will take 40% off the top (Federal, State, SDI, FICA)
401K contribution @4% : $4800
A nice place will be $20,000 a year.
Car insurance on a late model BMW will be about $1200-1400/yr.
Car registration is a personal property tax based on the vehicle’s value (which means you can deduct it) is aprox. $250.
I assume your BMW uses premium gas @ +$2.50/gal. With 20 MPG and 18,000 miles a year (You drive everywhere), aprox. $2000 for gas
Utilities $1000.
Food: $1200
Entertainment $2500

Net: $40,000

James asks…

How can you rent a good apartment with bad credit?

I live in San Diego, CA. I have absolutely horrific credit (not bragging). I had a rough patch which basically demolished my fair credit score about 2 years ago. I have been working at the same job for years and in the past have rented various luxury apartments (when I had fair credit). I have never had a problem with a landlord as I have always paid my rent on time. I am now what they call cash rich, credit poor. I’m finally making really good money, but I have the worst credit rating. I don’t want to have a co-signer, but if I have to I can get one. I can also afford to pay double whatever the deposit may be. Will the fact that I’ve had the same job for four years, make over 3 times the rent amount, and have a good rental history save me from my terrible credit history? How tough are landlords about this sort of stuff?

Administrator answers:

Ask them if they will accept double deposit or something like that? Or pay a rent premium to them (extra $$$ per month on top of the rent).

– - -
Googie is an idiot. You can pay your rent on time every month and have horrible credit from medical bills, bad credit card habits and student loans defaulting from low pay!!!

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