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June 1, 2012

Daniel asks…

What are the best luxury apartments in Los Angeles?

I am looking for luxury apartments in Los Angeles or Santa Monica area, any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Having lived in various luxury apartments in Los Angeles (Brentwood/Westwood) and Santa Monica for the past 10 years, I would say that NMS Apartments has the best luxury apartments. They have some brand new buildings in Santa Monica. My friend just moved into Luxe@1539 which is down the block from Third Street Promenade and across from Santa Monica Place.

I currently live in Brentwood and LOVE it! From what I’ve seen in Brentwood, the nicest and most luxurious apartments would have to be Luxe Villas and 555 Barrington

Mandy asks…

Is there ANY Luxury One Bedroom Apartments with Laundry in the ROOM?

I am planning to move back to NYC and I want a Luxury Apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Ideally, a 1 bedroom w/ washer and dryer in the room. Is this a pipe dream? I realize already that it’s expensive. =] Thanks.

Administrator answers:

NYC is always expensive, but maybe nowadays you can get a deal.

Why don’t you contact banks and search for repossessed apt for a great deal.

Lizzie asks…

Barcelona Luxury Apartments short term Rental?

Hi, my family and I are looking for a luxury apartment in Barcelona. We are planning to go to Barcelona this year. Could you recommend any apartments in the city centre? We are looking for a nice luxury Barcelona apartment suitable for a large group.

Administrator answers:

We had a great time in Barcelona. I stayed at the Music Palace Apartment was ideal for our group. Its location made it easy for us to access all amenities as none of us had been to Barcelona before. I would sincerely like to recommend Rent City Apartments for all their high quality service with the booking and also during our stay everybody was so helpful. I would definitely book with them again if i ever get the chance to visit Barcelona again (hopefully soon).

Hope this helps!


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