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Your Questions About Middle Village Queens

October 14, 2012

Chris asks…

Why do people act like gun bans will do anything?

A mass shootout that took place in New York City

“”" Nov 04, 1997 — 26 year old Gregory Flannery of Middle Village, Queens went on a murderous rampage, killing five and wounding thirteen in his six floor apartment building. Flannery, who was months behind on rent was in danger of being evicted. Flannery was hospitalized at least twice for an undisclosed mental illness. Flannery, a graduate of Columbia University and native of Brooklyn was regarded as a quiet and private man. Flannery specifically targeted a large house party several doors down from Flannery’s fourth floor pad, where the majority of the victims were, according to witnesses, Flannery burst into the apartment yelling racial slurs and firing on anyone and anything in sight, even cats, a witness at the party quoted Flannery as shouting “This building is for whites only!”. Flannery also shot several neighbors who heard the commotion. The victims ranged from as young as 19 to as old as 67. The NYPD emergency unit arrived within minutes, a police helicopter was also dispatched. By the time SWAT arrived, Flannery already had murdered five and wounded twelve, four seriously. Snipers were set up on the neighboring buildings rooftop.

51 year old Vietnam veteran, Timothy “Tim” Swanski who lived on the third floor of the building reacted to the mayhem by searching his floor with a loaded M14 rifle. Responding officers and SWAT were unaware of which floor the suspect was on, and did vertical patrol by quickly searching each floor. The officers on third floor saw Swanski scouring the halls of the third floor with a loaded weapon, demanded the man to drop his weapon, Swanski appeared intoxicated and was uncooperative, within several seconds Swanski was fatally wounded by police, with police officers claimed Swanski had aimed his weapon at the officers. Minutes later, the actual suspect, a young man – Gregory Flannery, a rather intimidating man standing 6’5″ with long light brown hair with dark brown eyes was shot and killed after firing upon responding officers with an UZI submachine gun which resulted in two officers being critically injured. Officers found the song “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins blasting on Flannery’s boombox. Flannery was a devout Satanist.”"”"
This was also in the 90s, when NYC became EXTREMELY strict.

Administrator answers:

I want to see a rational public debate concerning our stance on gun ownership. However, rationality is a lost cause with the Republicans participating.

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