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September 22, 2012

Donald asks…

World History help please!!!?

1.Agriculture emerged

A. after a warming trend resulted in new plants and animals.
B. as glaciers moved toward the equator bringing water.
C. when religious leaders forced some people to become farmers.
D. in the Paleolithic Era.

2. Phoenicia was located on the

A. Red Sea.
B. Persian Gulf.
C. Atlantic Ocean.
D. Mediterranean Sea.

3.Which of the following was a common subject in Persian art?

A. ships
B. landscapes
C. children
D. animals

4. Why did pharaohs of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom improve defenses along the Nile?

A. to protect trade routes
B. to defend against nobles from the Old Kingdom
C. to fight the Phoenicians
D. to restore stability to Egypt

5. Egyptians were interested in math and science because

A. their religion revolved around numerical patterns.
B. they longed to understand how the world worked.
C. they became intrigued by the writing of the ancient Greeks.
D. they wanted to use them to improve their lives.

6. An Egyptian scribe quickly producing business documents would most likely use which form of writing?

A. hieroglyphics
B. demotic
C. cuneiform
D. hieratic

7. The presence of valuable items and sacrificed prisoners of war in Shang royal tombs indicates that the Shang

A. had no religious beliefs.
B. believed in an afterlife.
C. worshipped their ancestors.
D. often married close relatives.

8. Which of the following resulted from rebellions against Zhou rule?

A. the spread of Buddhism
B. the Western Zhou dynasty
C. the myth of the Xia
D. the Warring States Period

9. Confucius responded to the chaos in China during the late Zhou period by

A. withdrawing from the world and becoming a monk.
B. teaching that people should love and respect one another through traditional manners and rituals.
C. teaching about the dynastic cycle to encourage people to rise up against corrupt rulers.
D. encouraging people to retreat from the laws of society.

10. Why did the Persian emperor Darius attack the Greek mainland?

A. to gain control of Greece’s vast natural resources
B. to exact revenge for the Athenians’ victory at Marathon
C. to kidnap Helen, the beautiful queen of Athens
D. to punish Athens for aiding the Ionians in their revolt against Persian rule

11. Which of the following accurately describes the economy of the Incas?

A. Agovernment-controlled
B. free market
C. dependent upon slavery
D. weak

12. Which of the following provide useful clues about Hopewell society?

A. paintings found on the walls of cliff dwellings
B. their early written records
C. carvings made from walrus tusks
D. objects buried inside large stone and earth mounds

13. What types of buildings and structures were in Olmec towns?

A. massive burial mounds and apartment houses
B. longhouses
C. elaborate tombs and giant stone heads
D. igloos and larger residential buildings

14. Which of the following were especially skilled builders of temples, forts, and roads?

A. the Aztecs
B. the Incas
C. the Maya
D. the Olmec

15. There are few figures in Islamic art because Muslims believe that

A. portraying people might tempt some to worship the images.
B. people are inherently sinful and not worthy of representation.
C. calligraphy is the only acceptable artistic style.
D. art should focus solely on religious topics.

16. Distinct cultures and ways of life developed in Africa because

A. different regions of the continent have different landforms, climates, and vegetation.
B. strict laws forbid marrying outside of one’s village.
C. people migrated to different parts of Africa from different regions of the world.
D. the continent is about twice as large as the United States.

17. Which of the following is the correct sequence of ruling dynasties in China?

A. Han, Song, Tang, Sui
B. Sui, Tang, Song, Han
C. Han, Sui, Tang, Song
D. Sui, Han, Tang, Song

18. Which of the following Tang and Song inventions eventually spread and revolutionized printing?

A. pagodas
B. woodblock printing
C. the typewriter
D. movable type

19. What was the goal of the Teutonic Knights?

A. to banish Jews from Germany
B. to conquer the Swedes
C. to force Russians to convert to Roman Catholicism
D. to set up a feudal society in Russia

20. The pope’s influence in the Middle Ages resulted from

A. the fact that nearly everyone in Europe was Christian.
B. the economic influence of the Papal States.
C. the powerful army he headed under General Charlemagne.
D. his appointment by the Roman Emperor.

Please i really need help!

Administrator answers:

If you go to class, _participate in class_, do your homework, and ask questions of the teacher then these mid-terms and finals will be just another quiz.

EDIT: @JohnnieAstro: Woodblock printing is most likely the answer to #18 since that is a precursor to movable type, the Gutenberg innovation.
Why do teachers place so much emphasis on names and dates rather than the events that make up the history of our world? Is it laziness? Poor knowledge of the subject? Incompetence?

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