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Your Questions About New Affordable Apartments In The Bronx

December 27, 2012

Betty asks…

What is the best New York City neighborhood to live in?

I will be working at one of the area supermarkets making about 55,000 per year. I am looking for an affordable apartment that has a nice area with lots of things going on. I don’t particularly care how large my apartment is. I am living by myself at least for now. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

People don’t appreciate how large NYC is and the time travel requires, even (especially?) with a car. If you are in Manhattan, the only place you might be able to afford that is reasonable is probably Inwood or Morningside Heights. For Brooklyn, look in Sheepshead Bay or neighboring areas. Much of northern Queens such as Astoria or Long Island City is possible. In the Bronx Kingsbridge. Staten Island is possible, recognizing not too many rentals there.

Mandy asks…

Will anywhere in NYC be affordable to middle-low class residents?

i know theres a lot of gentrification going on and stuff and the prices of apartments are rising, but in lets say 10 years, will there really be any part of the 5 boroughs that has reasonable apartment prices. or will it just be possible for the upper class citizens

Administrator answers:

Sure. The upper manhattan area, (east harlem, harlem, and washington heights) has seen a significant gentrification. The renovation of everything and rising cost of living has pushed everyone in to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and even Staten Island. Manhattan will definitely always hold the reputation for higher costs of living, while the other boroughs will be more affordable.

Maria asks…


So that I can go to college in the Bronx and still live a normal life,what should I do?

Administrator answers:

You will need to find free or deeply subsidized housing. Try this website: and see what you might qualify for. Also, see if your college has a housing office that might be able to help you.

Helen asks…

is this enough to live in new york city, manhattan?

I’m thinking of applying for Manhattan college next year and I want to know, if i live in a shared apartment near Manhattan college and spend my money economically, will 2200$ be enough for me? cuz I really don’t want my parents to send me any money.
2200$ monthly**

Administrator answers:

My friend, $2200 per month is enough to live in NYC, as long as you stick to you budget.

In regards to renting an apartment. Since Manhattan College is located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, you consider looking for affordable apartment withing walking distance to the college.

Good luck

Sharon asks…

Good neighborhood to live as an Albanian in NYC?

Hey guys i want to give me some suggestions: I’m looking for a good, safe & affordable neighborhood in the NYC, like in the: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or Staten Island to live i would like honest suggestions.

I’m 22 year old male, Albanian and i have a low income.
Would love suggestions from other Albanians, thanks in advice and sorry about my English.
@ Lili I’m currently located in Augusta GA for over a year now, i personally don’t like it at all here and i really miss spending time and hanging out with Albanians since i think the only Albanians around here are my parents & myself, my parents are in their late 50s. So yes i would love to live in a place crowded by Albanians that’s the most important thing to me.
And couple more things i like to know: what’s the average cost to rent/lease a studio/one bed apartment in these neighborhood’s and is it difficult to get job’s to get started?

Thank you so much LILI, appreciate it.
The only reason I’m writing you in English and not in our native language is I’m practicing English to get ready for College lol.

Administrator answers:

My first question is, do you want to live around other Albanians? Are you looking to be near public transportation? Any other things you need near?

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens seem are good areas that have Albanians around. Certain areas of Staten Island are good too.

I am Albanian and I do live in NYC, so please feel free to send me an e-mail if you need any other help or info.

The Pelham Parkway area in the Bronx has a lot of Albanians (a lot of Kosovars). Ridgewood has a lot of Albanians (nga Shqiperia, Kosova, dhe Malesia). In Brooklyn, you can live in the Bensonhurst, Gravesend, or Midwood area, all have Albanians. Staten Island also has a lot of Albanians. The St.George area has a lot of Ulqinaks and Krajans, New Springville and New Dorp has a lot of Dibrans. There are also others scattered around.

As for rental, I know that you can find a decent priced apartment in Staten Island. You could probably get a studio or one bedroom in a good area for $800-$900 a month. There are also a lot of Albanians that have businesses that would probably hire you.

Steven asks…

About how much would it cost to live in the Manhattan/Bronx area?

Administrator answers:

I think even a studio in Manhattan will run you from $1200 up. An apartment in the Bronx, depending on the size and area, is likely starting at $800. For example, in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx you can find a 2 bedroom for about $1200, light/gas NOT included.

If you’re looking for an affordable/decent place to live I would suggest the Bronx. It’s central to the city (in my opinion. You can reach Manhattan by mass transit or car in 15 mins, Queens in 15 mins by car, 40 mins by bus, Brooklyn in 30-40 mins by car). Some suggestion for decent places: Parkchester, Castle Hill, Pelham Bay, Grand Concourse, Woodlawn. Most are close to trains and buses.

Ruth asks…

Most affordable places to live in NYC?

We have middle income…looking to move to the city. We would work in the city and would want to have the “city life”…so where would be the second best place to live if we can’t afford NYC apartments?

Administrator answers:

Try Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, parts of Westchester or NJ.

For “city life”:

Bronx- Parkchester

Brooklyn- downtown BK, Fort Greene, Flatbush

Queens- Astoria, Long Island City

Westchester- New Rochelle or White Plains

NJ- Jersey City or Hoboken

Good Luck

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