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Your Questions About Rego Park Queens

June 22, 2012

Michael asks…

what type of vegetation is there in rego park, queens? what type of plant life, what type of trees…………

Administrator answers:

Go there with a book and walk around and identify them yourself

Ruth asks…

if you live in rego park queens new york queens blvd.?

my friend lives around rego park and she would like to know if there are any phone stores around there that are athorized and that have all the company phones like att tmobile and all those companies.

Administrator answers:

On top of queens blvd in rego park is a strip club called Wiggles. Right across the street there is a cell phone dealership that should have service to all phone companies. If you feel like walking, driving, or taking the Q60 bus, Forrest Hills or Queens Center Mall have many cell phone stores for you to check out.

Chris asks…

is 102nd street (rego park, Queens) a bad area?

I was going to look at 580 sq. ft pre-war studio in rego park for $1050 per month, is 102nd street a bad area – do I need a car to live there to commute to work in Manhattan? how long is the commute by train….. where are some other nice areas to live in the boroughs (safety, walking distance to trains to Manhattan, and cheap rent) being first…..
*it’s close to the R,G,V trains….can I get around Rego park in general on foot or need car?

Administrator answers:

Rego Park is perfectly safe and probably one of the cheaper neighborhoods you will find with proximity to NYC. I don’t know the area immediately around 102nd st, but you won’t need a car to get to Manhattan. Actually, depending on where exactly in Rego Park, there are tons of subway lines that run around there. J,M,Z closer to Metropolitan and N,R,E, F, V closer to Queens Blvd. It’s about a 30 min commute. Check with the realtor/landlord/tenant to see if you are close to an express stop, because that makes alot of difference.

Also, check out Kew Gardens, Queens, and Carroll Gardens or Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

Steven asks…

Rego Park Queens?

I’m going to be moving to NYC after highschool so I’m trying to find out about various neighborhoods thats close to Manhattan.
So I wanted to know what’s it like living in Rego Park, do a lot of young people live there between the ages of 18-21 and over? are there a lot of good clubs there, what are the fun things to do? Is it affordable to live there?
what is the majority demographics in the area?

Administrator answers:

Rego Park isn’t a bad area…it’s pretty convenient and close to all. There’s Queens Center Mall, R, V subway lines.
Considering all of NYC is not cheap I guess its not too bad. For around $1300-$1500 you can get a nice 1 bedroom apt in a doorman bldg or if $$ is an issue for around $900-$1000 you can get a studio apt. It’s right by Queens Blvd…so a 20 min ride in a taxi gets you to Manhattan or about 40min. By subway as the previous post mentioned.

There are lots of bars and lounges on Queens Blvd…but I haven’t been to any of them…you really shoould check out the neighborhood..walk around to see if it would suit you….Otherwise Forest Hills is right next door..lots of cute shops, eateries, etc.

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