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Your Questions About Rego Park Queens

June 24, 2012

David asks…

It’s the perfect time to buy Condo or CO-OP in Queens area, as Forest Hill/Rego Park ??

what happen if i buy it now..?
If I want to buy it now, it’s necessary…?
It’s the market still going down or should i wait couple more months. Pls give me good advise, because i got confused about ours economic crisis.

Administrator answers:

All real estate decisions must consider local issues, but on the larger scale this is not a bad time to buy if you are in sound financial shape. That means little or no debt and and 2-3 months of expenses in case of a problem. Only look at fixed rate mortgages to protect against higher rates that will come when the economy gets better.

Mortgage rates are low and even with the Fed cut not likely to drop much less due to uncertainty and extra risk of repayment. On the other hand, owning is usually more expensive (on a cash flow basis) than renting, due to maintenance, etc. What ever you do not get into a payment where mortgage, tax, insurance, association fees, plus utilities (heat, lights, water, phone ) is greater than 40% of your household take home income or it will be one long painful slide into financil disaster.

Mark asks…

Does anyone know how to get to rego park from the jamaica subway station in queens? (Using public transit)?

Administrator answers:

The Rego Park station is at 63rd Dr and Queens Blvd. From Jamaica subway station (I assume we’re talking about the Jamaica Parsons/Archer station or the LIRR station), take the Manhattan bound E train to Forest Hills (71 Av) then take the downtown R or V trains. During evenings and late nights, Brooklyn bound G trains also connect Rego Park and Forest Hills stations.

If you are coming from the other Jamaica station (179 St station), take the F to Forest Hills and then take the R,V, or G to Rego Park 63rd Dr.

Robert asks…

Forest Park in Queens?

Am thinking of moving to Queens and was hoping someone could give me an opinion on Forest Park? I’ve lived in Park Slope Brooklyn and loved spending time with my dog in Prospect Park. What is Forest Park like and how does it compare to Prospect Park? Is it safe? And is it a nice park to hike through, barbecue, play sports and just lie in the grass? Are there any parts of it that are sketchy?
If one lives in Forest Hills or Rego Park, is it an easy walk to Forest Park?


Administrator answers:

I live at the northern end of Forest Park near Union Turnpike..

Forest Park is kind of different from Prospect Park.. Forest park doesn’t have any wide open lawns like Prospect Park does– It’s mostly forest. :-)

The only small open lawn space in Forest Park is on the northern end, at the Overlook (Union Turnpike and Park Lane). There are playgrounds on the periphery of Forest Park, and a ballfield, bandshell and carousel at Woodhaven Boulevard.

There is a road through the park that is closed to motor traffic from Metropolitan Avenue to Woodhaven that parkgoers use for jogging and bike-riding, and of course you can walk your dog in the park as long as you pick up after your pet.

Forest Park is within walking distance if you live in Forest Hills near Union Turnpike, Metropolitan Avenue or Woodhaven Boulevard. Rego Park I would say isn’t within easy walking distance– You’d have to walk for more than half an hour to get there. Flushing Meadows Park is closer if you live in Rego Park (or Forest Hills north of Queens Boulevard.).

Hope this helps.

John asks…

Why is Tower Diner on Queens Blvd. closed?

Tower Diner in Forest Hills/Rego Park Queens has been closed for the last couple of weeks. This was my go to delivery spot. What happened?!!?

Administrator answers:

There was a huge fire few weeks ago that started in the convenience store on the far corner on 99th, and spread through the entire block.

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