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November 17, 2012

Richard asks…

Am I a TRUE Patriot? Americans Only?

I live in NYC, Queens, Rego Park. My house has our country’s flag in every room (4br). We have one hanging just outside the front door. I only buy American goods (cars, food, etc.) I donate to the City every year (NYPD/FD/Meds). I NEVER allow the flag to touch the ground. And I am a Muslim.
btw, I was born in the USA. My parents were born here. I spent 3 years in the US Air Force.

Administrator answers:

Haha its straight, my parents are muslim, i consider my self white/american tho, so i guess your patriot, but maybe a little too much, like, so im guessing you dont eat bananas causethere from mexico?

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of a restaurant or bakery in NY or Fla. that will make Nesselrode pie?

Growing up in Rego Park NY we used to have it at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant on Queens Blvd. I can’t imagine why it is not served anymore as it was the most delicious pie I’ve ever eaten.
I’ve found several great recipes for the pie on the Web but unfortunately I’m not able to bake.

Administrator answers:

Fort Lauderdale.We Take the Cake bakery.
1021 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 764-2253

Maria asks…

Dog Was Dying & ASPCA didn’t do anything?

Here goes the article. Tell me what you all think of this:

by Ricky Casiano, Chronicle Contributor

What could this dog possibly have done to deserve this abuse?
One or more savages cut a pit bull terrier’s leg right through to the bone and left it abandoned in Maspeth where a neighbor found it on March 27, Sunday morning. After making four calls to the American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, which said it could not do anything to help, Erika Versace and her neighbors managed to finally get the female dog to the Animal Center of Queens in Rego Park, and then sent to an animal hospital.

The injured dog was taken to Lefferts Animal Hospital and is recovering from two broken ones on the front left leg and minor cuts and bruises, which had to be at least two days old, said Dr. David Halpern, who spoke for the treating doctor, who was not available.
The dog’s fractured leg had to be sutured with staples and covered with a cast. It is healing and is not expected to be amputated, though that had seemed a strong possibility at first.
This is the latest dog abuse incident in a recent string of them in Queens. Last month the Chronicle reported on multiple dogs that were starved and injured from tethering, some died. While residents have called the ASPCA and were helped on those cases, in this case they were not helped at all, Versace said.
The Maspeth resident, who found the dog across the street from her house on 52nd Road, called crying to the Animal Center of Queens in desperation when no one would help.
“It was a shock to me there was no place to call for help. I don’t want to see the animal get picked up by a garbage truck,” she said, alluding to another dog last summer that was also left to die in the area.
Despite its many supporters and more than million dollars in donations, the ASPCA was of “no use,” Versace said, adding, “It’s disgusting to me.”
The ASPCA could not comment on this particular incident, but a dispatcher said such cases of abandoned dogs should be referred to Animal Care and Control because the private group does not service animals without an owner.
The people responsible for the pit bull’s injuries or its owner are unknown.
Despite the dog’s open wounds and the blood, the pit bull did not appear to be in pain when it arrived at the animal shelter.
“It was tempered. It sat when I said, was wagging its tail and barking at the other dogs,” said Lori Carpino, manager at the Rego Park shelter, who had the dog sent to the hospital. Because the animal had no owner or name, it was called “Sache” by the shelter, in honor of its rescuer in Maspeth.
Rosemary Ray, a volunteer at the no-kill Animal Center of Queens, is asking the public to help any way people can, through donations or volunteering.
“We get no government funding and are over capacity,” said Ray, who is also an account executive at the Queens Chronicle.
The shelter’s owner told her what had happened to the dog.
“I’m disgusted by it, and I think somebody should be brought to justice,” Ray said. “It’s the most disgusting and vicious attack I’ve seen on a dog.”
Anyone who would like to make donations to the shelter may send a money order to Animal Center of Queens, 89-10 Eliot Ave., Rego Park, NY 11374, go online to or call (718) 424-3030 for more information. Donations to other animal shelters may be made at

©Queens Chronicle 2011

Administrator answers:

Well sure the ASPCA doesn’t do those kind of calls I guess but why couldn’t they have given the person information about where they SHOULD call? All these organizations and all these people and they all pull that crap and say.. “Well it’s not my job” or “we don’t do that” Well I say leaving a dog in that condition makes you as bad or worse than those who did the crime.. We are ALL responsible for ALL dogs because WE ALL as a species are responsible for the domestication of these animals. In essence we took them out of the wild and made them dependent on us. I HATE when people see a dog in trouble and do nothing.. Or say “it’s not my business” it’s everyone’s business.. Whether or not we work for an organization and regardless of that organizations scope of operations if you know of something like that and do nothing.. You are a terrible person and just as much a criminal as those who actually commit animal abuse.

I remember one time I saw a coyote with the worst case of mange, he was bald poor thing, and was on the road in broad daylight right where the kids were getting dropped off by the bus. So I called the MNR who is supposed to deal with wildlife.. And they told me the guy was on vacation and even when I said the coyote was starving and right by where at least 5 kids would be getting of the bus, only about 10 minutes before they would be dropped off.. The lady said well “We can’t help you” so I called the police, and they said the road wasn’t in their jurisdiction, then I called the other provincial police and they told me to call the MNR.. Who said they couldn’t help already. Then I called animal control and they said “we don’t deal with wild animals” and so nobody did a thing. A week later the coyote ended up in my Moms yard in the middle of the day and had no fear of people or the dogs because it was so starving. It even came back after a warning shot was fired, so we had to shoot it.. And all it would have taken was one person to come out and set a trap and catch the poor thing.. But nope.. People were too busy on vacation and too busy worrying about following stupid rules.. A kid could have been attacked and nobody did a damn thing because they figured it wasn’t up to them.

I guess that dog had the same kind of people on the case.. Those who figured it wasn’t up to them to help or do anything.

Charles asks…

What’s the best kind of living space I could get in Queens, NYC with this kind of budget and in which areas?

Hey, I’m looking for a new home and I’m not quite sure where to start or what to look for. I guess I should ask this very basic question to help get me started. So basically, I have about $250k in the bank and am willing to put around $200k down. What could I get with that kind of budget and in which areas? Some friends tell me co-ops are the best way to go because they are cheaper, but the drawback is you have to pay maintenance. Others say that I should save up for a house in another area or that I should just stick with renting, which I am doing now. I’m also looking for a place near a subway station. I’ve also been told that Rego Park is a good zone to live. I currently live in Astoria. Anyways, what do you think? Thanks.
income – $50000

Administrator answers:

Yes you pay maintenance is a co op but you don’t have the hassle of home ownership
Why not take a Drive through Queens and see what areas you like.
Not knowing your income no one can guess how much a mortgage lender will approve you for.
Homes average about 600k Where as you can buy a coop for 200k and be mortgage free.

Michael asks…

How to get to Manhattan from Rego Park ( Queens, NY) by Subway?

Which subway to take to get to 42nd street from rego park? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Take the G or R to 74th Street / Jackson Heights, where you can transfer to either the E, F, or #7 trains. All of which have stops on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

E train stops at 8th avenue / 42nd Street.

F train stops at 6th avenue / 42nd Street.

7 train goes along 42nd Street and has stops at Lexington Avenue/Grand Central Terminal, 6th Avenue, and Times Square.

Mark asks…

How to get to Manhattan from Rego Park ( Queens, NY) by Subway?

Which subway to take to get to 42nd street from rego park? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Take the R train from 63rd Dr – Rego Park to Times Square. :)

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