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Your Questions About Rego Park Queens Safe

September 30, 2012

Maria asks…

does anyone know austin kew gardens in queens area is it safe to live ?

one of my want to move rego park or kew gardens austin area ? please help me

Administrator answers:

Just as safe as any neighborhood in the City. You take precautions and always be alert.

Linda asks…

How safe are these Queens Neighborhoods for families?

1) Woodside 2) Astoria 3) Sunnyside 4) Rego Park 5) Forest Hills 6) Middle Village

Administrator answers:

They are all fairly safe, though Woodside and Middle Village have some sketchy areas. Astoria & Forest Hills are much nicer, but also more expensive than the rest. Of the neighborhoods on your list, Rego Park is the best “bang for your buck”, meaning it’s not as expensive as Forest Hills, but it’s right next to it and has good subway access. Kew Gardens is another neighborhood you may want to consider (on the other side of Forest Hills and slightly less expensive). Assuming you’re looking for western areas of Queens, I’d also recommend Ridgewood and Glendale.

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