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Your Questions About Rego Park Queens

June 22, 2012

James asks…

what is the quickest way from rego park queens to the transit museum in brooklyn?

what is the quickest way from rego park queens ( by the shopping center) to the transit museum in brooklyn?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you mean the shopping center near 63rd Drive, take the R train from the 63rd Drive stop to the Court Street station in Brooklyn. It’s a short walk from there. The train ride will take a while (on a good day, about 45 minutes), but that’s the quickest way I know.

Thomas asks…

How to get to Manhattan from Rego Park ( Queens, NY) by Subway?

Which subway to take to get to 42nd street from rego park? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

The V

Laura asks…

How safe is Rego Park, Queens NY 11368?

I need to go to One Lefrak City Plaza and take the nypd medical exam there next month. How safe is it to travel there with the subway? Estimate arrival time to the area is maybe…5:50-6:00 AM.

Administrator answers:

No problem, it’s safe. Take the R or V train, and get off at Woodhaven Blvd.

Daniel asks…

Is Rego Park (Queens, NY) a good/safe neighborhood?

I’ve only lived in manhattan for a short while and don’t have any idea which neighborhoods in the other boroughs are safe, close enough to manhattan, and that maybe don’t hurt my wallet as much. How safe/ what is the sentiment and quality of Rego Park?
thanks guys… so if even possible how would you compare somewhere like williamsburg (brooklyn) to rego park?

Administrator answers:

Rego Park is alot nicer than Williamsburg. I like it alot more and I lived in Williamsburg. You’re right by Queens Blvd and theres plenty of transportation there. Good luck and God bless.

Richard asks…

My starting is Rego Park Queens ,What train can I take to get to Atlantic Ave?

My friend I can take the R train all the way down to Atlantic Ave.

Administrator answers:

There are two Atlantic Ave stations, one the most common by Downtown Brooklyn and the other is by East NY.

If you want to go to the main hub by Downtown Brooklyn, on weekdays take the V to Manhattan, then switch to the B at any stop from 47-50th Street to Broadway-Lafayette. Take the B to Atlantic Ave. On weekends, when the R is running express into Manhattan until the first weekend in October, you could take the Q53 bus to Rockaway Blvd/Liberty Ave for the A train. Take the A train to Nostrand Ave for the C, then take that C to Lafayette Ave. Lafayette Ave station is about a 5-7 minute walk to Atlantic Ave, walk down Hanson Place until you see the mall or Flatbush Ave, then turn left.

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