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Your Questions About Rent A House For A Weekend

February 23, 2013

Helen asks…

age to rent a house for the weekend?

looking to rent a house for about 2 nights after prom with some people on a lake. i heard you have to be 21, but is it possible to get and sign for a house if you are 18?

Administrator answers:

No owner in their right mind is going to rent a house to a bunch of prom-night kids.

Linda asks…

How to rent a house on the beach in bonita/naples area in florida for a weekend?

or just in general how to find a house to rent for a weekend??? want it for a party??

Administrator answers:

Go to (Vacation rentals by owners)

Your sure to find something there. Good luck! :)

Ruth asks…

Is craigslist a reputable site to rent out a house for the weekend?

i was in the vacation rental section and many people rent their apartments/condos out for the weekends. I am thinking of doing so….has anyone done this through craigslist? is it a scam?

Administrator answers:

For every honest lister on Craigslist their is a scammer….Be careful when renting sight unseen especially if you cant verify the agent or owner…NEVER WIRE MONEY….It will disappear without a trace.

Ken asks…

I want to rent out my house for a weekend rental. What type of lease agreement should I have them sign?

Do I need additional insurance to cover any injuries to the people renting? Thanks in advance for any info.

Administrator answers:

Check with your insurance carrier to make sure what is covered. You will probably need additional coverage.

Make sure you screen any potential renters, secure all valuables, and collect a large security deposit.

Also make sure this will not be considered an nuisance by your neighbors.
This could be more trouble than it is worth unless you are in a resort or party area where the neighbors are used to such arrangements.

Jenny asks…

I’m looking for a house to rent for the night or weekend after my prom for me and a few friends?

I don’t think it’s unheard of to rent a house for the night or weekend after a senior prom? I was thinking long beach? How would I go about finding houses and prices?

Administrator answers:

Not going to happen You must be 25 yrs of age.

Mandy asks…

I need to rent a house for Labor day weekend in Chicago, can I, and how much will it cost?

We are having a small family reunion on labor day weekend and need a house for two days of activities for about 40 people.

Administrator answers:

You may be able to find something on craigslist, look under vacation rentals.

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