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Your Questions About Rent A House In Austin

July 13, 2013

Helen asks…

Single, woman writer looking to rent apartment or house in a safe & quiet neighborhood in Austin TX?

I am looking for a quiet and peaceful neighborhood to move to. I have 1 small dog and 1 cat. I would like to reside within walking distance of local coffee shops, libraries, gyms, restaurants, parks, shopping etc. I will purchase a car within a few months of moving to Austin. Any and all info, insights, or suggestions will be greatly received and appreciated. Thank You!!

Administrator answers:

Why are you telling us that you are a single, woman writer? Are you looking for an apartment or for a boyfriend? This isn’t the personals!

Sandra asks…

Can you move out of your parents house and rent an apartment at 17 in Austin, TX?

Administrator answers:

“wildcat” is right – you may not enter into any financial contract until you are 18 years of age. Your options include finding someone who will let you live with them, or find a responsible party who will co-sign the lease.

Ruth asks…

Should we buy a house or rent for a year while looking?

We are fresh out of college heading to Austin, TX for a job. The housing seems real inexpensive there. We have always rented but think this would be a great opportunity to move into a house. Would we be better off to move into a house right away, or to rent an apartment and get a feel for the area first– will the house prices change a lot in a year?

Administrator answers:

Definitely rent first!

You are new to the area, and buying a home is a huge commitment. Scope out the area, see what locations are the best for your needs. Make sure you want to stay in Austin!

You shouldn’t rush into a home purchase regardless of whether you just moved to a new city, or if you’re looking in a city you’ve been in for years.

You need to prepare for a purchase. Check out my site. It has a ton of important information you need to know before embarking on the biggest purchase of your life.


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