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Your Questions About Rent A House In Austin

June 16, 2012

Susan asks…

I need to rent a house near Austin asap?

Any realty sites, realtors, or property owners that can help me? Something besides craigslist. I am looking for a real house or mobile home to rent not apartment. Some place a bit rural like lockhart, round rock, new braunfels, san marcos, kileen, temple, or any parts in between. Looking for 2- 3 beds, at least 1.5 bath and a large shed , garage or barn if possible cause i need a storage /work space. Can spend starting at $400 negotiable.

Administrator answers:

Ruth asks…

If my landlord lost ownership of the house I rent in Austin Tx do I have to leave? If so how long do I have?

My landlord sent me a letter saying she had lost the house and the bank decided to forclose. She told me to stay for as long as possible and try to get “cash for keys” How does that work?

Administrator answers:

You don’t have to leave yet.

Find out definitively who holds title to the house you are renting. Has the bank already foreclosed or does your landlord still hold title to the house because foreclosure legal steps are not yet complete?

Contact the bank to ask about what happens next. Maybe they will offer you “cash-for-keys” namely incentive-payment so you vacate the premises. And you need to know who to send your monthly-rental checks to.

Steven asks…

what is the normal pricing to rent a house in austin tx?

thinking of moving help please!!!

Administrator answers:

Depends on where, what size, what condition, etc. A crappy duplex in a crappy neighborhood could be as little as $700, while a large, nice house in a more expensive part of town could be several thousand a month. Around $1000 a month for a two or three bedroom in a fair neighborhood isn’t a bad estimate.

John asks…

should a person living in Austin, tex. buy a rent house in Victoria, tx.?

Administrator answers:

Consider these:
- Is it worth investing so and so $ to get $ ?( how much return?)
- Distance from you, just in case you have to go and miaintain or repair something/ arangements for it
- Will your income be sufficient enough to offset the maintenance & labor you’ll put on it?

Linda asks…

House for rent in Austin??

Anybody know of a good realty site for houses for rent in the Austin , Tx area or 50 miles of Austin? Please no apartments and no Craigslist.

Administrator answers:

Yahoo has an amazing search engine (I have the tool bar on my computer), when you put in houses for rent Austin Tx, you get a whole list of agencies

Here are the newspapers in Austin:

You can also check with the larger real estate companies, most of them have a property management office, like C21, re-max, prudential, do a search for realtors or property management companies in Austin.
Good luck with your search

Lisa asks…

how much rent should I get for a house in Austin?

Say, if it costs $250K. (Tell me the rent per month_

Also, how much rents would the same house ($250K) get in LA, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. ??

I just wanna compare what kind of rents are there in different cities in the US.

Administrator answers:

$20.00 per year ….and you pay all the utilities…..when can I move in?

George asks…

Thinking about moving to Austin, TX. What’s best? Apartment, rent house or buy owner financed home?

We are hoping to move within the next few months. We don’t have a ton of money saved and our credit isn’t bad, but it is low. We do not have credit history. We haven’t been able to secure financing for a vehicle, so we doubt we would be able to get financed to own a home any time soon without working on our credit.
We have been renting for more than 3 years, we did the math a realized we have spent close to 20K in rent. What should we do? Should we continue to rent and save, or should we look into owner financed homes?
Can someone please better explain this to us. We are new to the concept, it isn’t that popular in Louisiana.

Administrator answers:

Austin is a good size city now. Check with local real estate agents and local print ads.

Lizzie asks…

I rent in Austin but want to buy house in Houston-is it considered a 2nd home?

I recently relocated from Houston to Austin, I rent an an apartment in Austin but I return to Houston 3 days a week- almost weekly to see my family. I now want to purchase a home in Houston (ultimately I will move back permanently) , Would the mortgage be considered a 2nd home or can I get a primary residence loan for this house? Thanks for any help.
Maybe I should add that my job is in Austin

Administrator answers:

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