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Your Questions About Rent A House In Florida

January 1, 2013

Charles asks…

Does anybody know of a condo or house for rent in florida?

We are looking for a 3 bedroom condo or house to rent that is on the beach for May 22nd through May 29th. No specific place just the northern part of florida. We are trying to find a place that is $1000 or less a week.

Administrator answers:


but yes, its florida, everyone is leaving so theres a bunch for sale. Seriously.

Laura asks…

I live in Hawaii and I’m planning on buying a house in Florida to rent out, is this a good idea?

The house I’m planning to buy cost $55,000 and is currently being rented for $700 a month. I don’t have $55,000 cash. I can put $20,000 and get a mortgage for the remaining $35,000. Is this a good idea and is it possible to do this? I’m gonna continue to live in Hawaii while I have the property management rent my Florida home.

Administrator answers:

It can be done. If you do decide to go through with the deal, be sure you hire a property manager before you close on the deal.

As an out-of-state FL landlord (I reside in GA), I can tell you it is very difficult to manage your own property. Because my property is a manufactured home, no property manager in the area will manage it for me. So I am on my own and have to make trips back to FL for this property to sign leases and handle repairs/cleaning between tenants. It would a lot more expensive for you to do the same since you are in Hawaii!

Sharon asks…

Is it legal to rent a house with a broken furnace in Florida?

We rented a house in Putnam County Florida. It’s an older house, and I think the landlord we are renting from just bought it. The reason I think that is that there are SO MANY problems with it. They didn’t inform us the water heater and furnace are gas. So, we had no hot water until we got the gas company out. Who told us the furnace has a leak and cannot be hooked up. That was almost two weeks ago. They have brought us a space heater, which heats our bedroom reasonably well, and we have the kids sleeping on the floor. The property mgr on Monday claimed that the part was ordered for it, but today claims that the a/c company doesn’t recognize the model of furnace, since it is so old and it’s hard to find parts for. I know it’s part of the statutes that a house must have heat, but does the fireplace count? And does supplying a space heater get them off the hook, also? What sort of recourse do we have if they don’t handle this any faster? How much time is “reasonable”?

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry to hear all this anguish and problems. You can call your local code and zoning and they will direct you to the right people to talk to.

You can also check out the site below and click on your state. Good luck!

James asks…

How old do you have to be to rent a beach house in Daytona Florida?

I am 19 years old and 3 of my girlfriends and I were hoping to go down to Florida for spring and rent a beach house, does anyone know how old you have to be to do so?

Administrator answers:

18, you cna legallyl sign the contract.

Carol asks…

can a foreign national who owns a house in florida rent to a tenant who is on section 8 rental assistance?

what are some of the disadvantages and advantages of doing so , mainly taxes etc?

Administrator answers:

You can.

There are no tax breaks at all.

The advantage is you are paid your rent.

The disadvantage is that the renters are very low class, usually drug users and typically not only do not care for your property but are very destructive.

If you are going to do this in FL try to find renters (you still get to pick) who are disabled seniors. They really do need the housing and will not destroy your property.

Sandy asks…

I am looking to rent a house in florida, how can i be sure i am not being scammed?

Is a realtor the only way to go??

Administrator answers:

No but it might be the best way to make sure you are not being scammed. Make sure there is a contract and you might just want to have a lawyer check it out to make sure you understand what you are getting into, especially if you have never rented before. There can always be some random small print somewhere that might end up hurting you some how in the long run. Don’t sign anything without having someone else take a loot at it!

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