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Your Questions About Rent A House In Florida

October 23, 2012

Sharon asks…

how much money do I need to rent a house in Florida?

If I want to stay in Florida, Gainsville for like 6 months, I will need to rent a house to live there. How much money do I need to do that?

Administrator answers:

$695 per month
Deposit: $200
Application Fee: $48

For more info go to this website

Laura asks…

Does it pay to rent a house in florida that’s sitting empty?

Should I rent out my house that’s just sitting that i;m paying mortgage on in florida, or would the cons (taxes, dealing with renter, laws, agreements) outweigh the pro’s?

Administrator answers:

Hire a property management to handle the whole thing. You didn’t say where it was, what type house, how much the rent could be, mortgage payment. You told us nothing at all.

James asks…

Is it a law when you rent out a house in Florida is it a law to have the air working good?

I rent a house and they air unit just got replaced but it is still 79 degrees in here and thats hot! We have a new baby in the house and he has heat rash because of the hot. I really dislike the landlord and she takes her time to get things done. I need to know if we can withhold rent because if the air or if she doesn’t get it fixed if we can end our lease early.

Administrator answers:

There is no law stating that the air conditioning must be working.

You may, however, have some legal protection under your lease:

Hope this helps!

Mark asks…

Where to find a vacation house to rent in Florida for 2 weeks?

I am looking to rent a house in the North East part of Florida in Feb. Can anyone recommend a site where I would be able to see reviews.

Administrator answers:

Dozen sites on the net.

is one I’ve seen from time to time.

David asks…

trying to RENT a house in Florida?

My family is looking for a house in Florida in Royal Palm Beach. We’re looking for a house that cost around 2k a month, and that allows pets 50 pounds or under.

Administrator answers:

There are agencies in Florida called Rent Me that will help you locate a home in the area you are interested in that are free to you. You could pull the classifieds from the Palm Beach Post to see what’s out there or try Craigslist.

If you are presently in florida some Realtors will also help you find a home to rent.

You have to do the research we can’t do it for you.

Thomas asks…

Want to rent a beach house in Florida–suggestions on locations?

My family would like to rent a beach house or condo in Florida or the surrounding states. What are some towns/cities you would suggest. We live in Kentucky and would like somewhere within a one day driving distance. So pretty much anything north of Tampa/Orlando. Preferably under 10 hour drive would be great. Any suggestions or help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!.

Administrator answers:

Go to It is half way between Destin and Panama City. Best place in Fla.

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