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Your Questions About Rent A House In The Hamptons

June 25, 2013

Richard asks…

$12 million dollar apartment in NYC or house in East Hampton?

Is it better to live in a $12 million dollar high rise in NYC and rent out a house in the summers in east East hampton, or to own a $12 million dollar house in the hamptons and rent an a penthouse in NYC.
I love the city but a house in the hamptons also sounds oohh soooo scandalous and sexxy

Administrator answers:

If those are your two choices, take the high rise in NYC–it’s a much better investment…you can always find a rental in the Hamptons because you won’t really want to live there year round.

Otherwise, take about half of your $12M and find a great place in Brooklyn and the other half and find a great place on Shelter Island, which is a great place to get away from the everyday and a great investment opportunity.

Jenny asks…

We are looking to spend two weeks in the Hamptons?

In September of 2010 we would like to rent a house on or really close to the water in the Hamptons area, at a reasonable price of course, do you have any websites that handle those rentals or any suggestions on the best areas for a family of 4 adults and a toddler?

Administrator answers:

Check out the Corcoran web site.


Donald asks…

I need help in my search for a house to rent for prom in these specific areas:?

Staten Island, Jersey Shore, The Hamptons..get the idea?

I’m trying to find a place to start…I’m just having trouble!

Administrator answers:

Realtors may have some ideas

Mark asks…

has anyone rented a house in the hamptons or montauk?

how was it?
how much/how long?
and how did you rent it? (online or other way)

thanks =]

Administrator answers:

I rented out a 1 bedroom cottage in east hampton last summer for 2 months.

Found the listing on:

Month rental rate was $7,000.00 a month.

If you looking for a long term rental. Try There are very few…since the area is mostly vacation rentals.

George asks…

After Prom Ideas NYC.Long island?

I need some after prom ideas for NYC or long island. I don’t want to do the whole comedy club thing or rent a house in the hamptons. Any clubs, hotels in NYC or anything to do in surrounding areas?

Administrator answers:

Sex on da beach

Sharon asks…

Should I go to prom or Montreal?

Why I should go to prom: Because it’s tradition. I’ll have fun with my friends. I’ll never experience it again. I get to dress up all nice and pretty. Pre-prom and post-prom. I get all these prom pictures. Disadvantages: It will cost me around $500 or even more because we’re renting a house in the Hamptons for post-prom. One of my friends hates my boyfriend and it would be a little awkward in the limo or at the house. The ticket costs over $100 and I hear that it’s not worth it because you leave early anyway and the food is bad. The limo itself is $100 because there are only 8 people are going together. The dress would be about $150-$200. Hair and make up would be like $50 or more.
How badly I want to go to prom on a scale of 1-10: 7

Why I should not go to prom: I can spend my saved money on a trip to Montreal with my boyfriend. It would cost me around $300 or less because we’re taking a bus from long island, new york and we found a cheap hotel we can stay at. I can get dressed up nice and pretty on my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding instead of prom. There’s no awkwardness between anyone. It’s fun and romantic.
Disadvantages: My friends might get mad at me. I might regret not going to prom when I’m older. I’ve always wanted to rent a house in the Hamptons.
7 out of 10

Administrator answers:

I would go to prom. Montreal is very nice and everything, but it will always be there whenever you want to visit it. And since it’s your boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, and not close family, you should really go to your prom.
In my oppinion prom is over-rated, but like you said, you might regret it later on.

Carol asks…

how much would it be to rent the hampton collisuem in springbreak for a day?

also is it possible to get the stage bigger!
i just want to know. because im at my mothers house right now and she has parental block on her computer and because shes at work i can’t unblock the website.

Administrator answers:

You want to rent the Hampton Coliseum? Call the Administrative Office at 757-838-5650 to discuss rates and requirements and available dates.

However – I have a feeling that it will be many thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to rent it. And it probably would need more than one day’s rental if you want to have some kind of event that requires set up and tear down, or even just clean up after a crowd. – that is impossible to do within the space of a day.

It is probably much too late to rent it for any time during the spring break time period. Concerts and events are frequently booked many months in advance so the staff know what kind of things they need to prepare for and can have all the needed equipment and people on hand.

But – good luck with that.

Joseph asks…

Need an apartment in Hampton Roads, VA ASAP?

Looking for a house/apartment to rent in Hampton Roads, VA I have bad credit. DESPERATE!?
My name is Samantha and I am using my soon to be mother-in-laws email address, so please bear with me. I am currently residing in Michigan with my son. We are available to move to Virginia as early as October 25th. My son’s father (my fiance) is on the USS Enterprise for the Navy in Norfolk and they are currently deployed out to sea. So I am responsible for finding us a place to live by that time. I must be honest to say that my credit is truly not that good. But, I am improving as we speak and if I can put a deposit on a house, it would be great. Can anyone help me??

Thank you very much,


Administrator answers:

Try contacting a local real estate agent. They will know everything there is to know about affordable, safe options. A really good website to browse local real estate/real estate agents is:

It’s really easy to navigate and is full of info about realtors with links to their personal websites. Most of their websites will have all the available homes/rentals in the area along with community info, so you can do some research before you contact anyone. Hopefully that works for you. Good luck!

William asks…

Can an individuals mother rent a home under the premise of it being hers if the home is transferred to a son?

We live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia and after an incident with the hot water heater and a chance glimpse at our landlord’s insurance statement in her son’s name for our home, I am confused. If this house is listed under her son’s name on insurance papers then it must be his home. It was transferred on city records in 2001 with no money changing hands. Her son is in college. We have 3 years worth of signed leases with her, not her son. Does anyone know if this is legal in Virginia and also how to find out exactly whom owns the house we rent?

Administrator answers:

Contact local legal aid , she may be acting as agent of son . Legal.
She may not be acting as agent. Illegal.
Who’s house it is isn’t as important as is she legally authorized to make contracts on the house.

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