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Your Questions About Rent A House In The Hamptons

November 11, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Where could I find out about a house rental in the Hamptons New York?

Some friends and I would like to rent a house in the hamptons for a weekend rental (labor day weekend). Ive been searching online but it seems really confusing. It is 15 of us and we would like to rent a house near the beach. Does anybody know or has previously rented a house in the hamptons? If so what’s your advice?
yea we were thinking either east or southhampton. Which is more popular for the party scene?

Administrator answers:

Go to its hamptons real estate online, and go to the rentals section
a house near the beach will be outrageously expensive, and with 15 people you will need a huge house so that will even be more expensive
what part of the hamptons did u want to stay in? Westhampton area or more east towards southampton and easthampton?

Linda asks…

how much does it cost to rent out a house on the beach in the hamptons for a night?

Administrator answers:

I would be surprised if you could rent one for only one night

John asks…

Best online websites to find a rental in the Hamptons?

I’m looking to rent a house in the Hamptons in 2011 and don’t know know which websites are reliable and no one I know has ever rented a house before. What websites are good? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Try different real estate agency websites. Or, google “hamptons real estate agencies” to less broaden your search.


or, you could do the average real estate agencies and search “hamptons” in the query.
Sites like century21, coldwell banker, remax, and ERA.
OR you could just do the general to just get simple search results and you could go from there. If you have trouble with what areas in the hamptons you are interested in because you’ve never been there, try google mapping it. This way you could get a nice street and aerial view of the area and go from there with your decision on what area you think you’d most be interested in. Hope i helped!

Richard asks…

What are some houses in the Hamptons for rent after prom?

Trying to find a house for my friends and me

Administrator answers:

Most will require you to rent for a full week or even a month (for a house).
They will require the person signing the agreement to be 25 or older and require in writing that that person be present.
A background and credit check will be performed on that person along with a large damage deposit. Possibly in the thousands.

I have heard of parents doing this for their kids.
The sad part is that the parents get the place, pay upfront, and the other kids somehow cannot come up with the money later on.
Everyone gets a FREE party at the expense of those parents.
Hapens time and time and time again.

Sandy asks…

How much would a 4 bed room house cost to rent in South Hampton for the summer?

Administrator answers:

$15-20,000 a month.

Steven asks…

Looking for a house/apartment to rent in Hampton Roads, VA I have bad credit. DESPERATE!?

My name is Samantha and I am using my soon to be mother-in-laws email address, so please bear with me. I am currently residing in Michigan with my son. We are available to move to Virginia as early as October 25th. My son’s father (my fiance) is on the USS Enterprise for the Navy in Norfolk and they are currently deployed out to sea. So I am responsible for finding us a place to live by that time. I must be honest to say that my credit is truly not that good. But, I am improving as we speak and if I can put a deposit on a house, it would be great. Can anyone help me??

Thank you very much,


Administrator answers:

Hi…I would reask this question in a different area. In the yahoo services area maybe. There is a real estate section there. I just think you aren’t getting responses because this is for travel not moving.
Also, did you try ?
Good Luck to you!

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