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September 29, 2012

Carol asks…

does anyone know of a houseboat rental company who will rent to 18yo?

I have my high school senior trip that we are planning. We want to rent a houseboat in Washington State or somewhere near by. Is there any company where we dont have to have a captain over 21 yo?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know of any boat rental company that would rent to anybody under 21 y/o. The liability insurance that the rental company has to have usually states a minimum age requirement, so it’s not really the fault of the rental agency. Also, the rental agencies know that more damage/injuries/deaths is done by those under 25 to any kind of rental than any other age group.

Lizzie asks…

Where is a good place to rent a Houseboat?

I am looking for a nice houseboat to rent for a summer vacation. What are some good areas to look?

Administrator answers:

Houseboat rentals vary greatly in different parts of the country. I know that there are areas where you can rent house boats, like lake Havasu in Arizona, Lake Mead, and the Chesapeake Bay. You should google areas that interest you for boat rentals. In my area they rent for $1200 to $1800 per week for a “bare boat” rental.

Maria asks…

where can i rent a houseboat in oklahoma?

looking to have defferent type of vacation. Looking at houseboat on one of the lakes in oklahoma. Surprise to see how difficult it is to look into this. Couldn’t find sites with prices for them,or even links to Marina’s that have them for rent.

Administrator answers:

You have choices of renting a houseboat on grand lake ,bow lake, eufaula lake or texhoma lake.

Here is a google search with many houseboat rental sites to check out

hope this helps

George asks…

where to rent a houseboat around New Iberia, Louisiana?

Can someone recommend a good place to rent a houseboat in Louisiana for a week end in October? We are going for a friends wedding & found a place that was really nice, but we don’t want to pay $1200 for the weekend. Wouldn’t mind spending $5-700 though for a Thursday night to Sunday stay.

Administrator answers:

Only one i know about for rent.


Ruth asks…

Can anyone suggest a company in Paris to rent a houseboat on the Seine for 4 adults in October for a week?

4 adults would like a moderate to nice houseboat on the Seine (preferably close to the Latin Quarter) for a week starting Oct. 25 2007. Any suggestions or websites? I’ve looked for hours!!! Thanks!

Administrator answers:


Richard asks…

where can i rent a houseboat at the lake in utah?

i want to take some friends to a lake a rent a houseboat for a few days of fun where can i rent one and what lake?

Administrator answers:

Lake Powell is the only lake in Utah I’ve ever seen any houseboats on. I’ve been to most Utah lakes, and they just don’t have the docks to support houseboats.

Finding a rental company at Lake Powell is pretty easy with an online search. But it’s difficult to find a rental company this late in the year that still has houseboats available for rent. You usually need to plan the trip 6 months in advance. You can always hope that there are cancellations, though.

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