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Your Questions About Section 8 Houses For Rent

October 14, 2012

Sandy asks…

Section 8 homes/houses for rent in the Los Angeles area?

Do you know of any good websites where I can find Section 8 property listings in the los angeles area (South Central 90011 area and around to be specific).

I qualify for a 3 bedroom house.

Administrator answers:

You should check the telephone book for property managers. Call and see if they have any property available for Section 8 clients. They can tell you immediately as well as they might even be able to email, fax or mail you a list of what they hav available.

The next thing you should check is the Los Angeles times. There are lots of rentals listed daily, there are some that indicate if they are open to Section 8 clients.

You should Google residential rental properties in Los Angeles. This should give you a possible listing of rentals in the Los Angeles area.

You might also Google Section 8 residential rentals in Los Angeles also.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


John asks…

what are good sites to look at for section 8 houses for rent in ft. collins co. under $400-$700?

i need a house its to crowed with 6 people and a dog in a 3 bed room apartment

Administrator answers:

Ask your case worker, they have a fresh list once a month.

You will have to qualify for the size you want, and of course be at the end of your lease, otherwise the HA will not allow you to relocate.

Jenny asks…

i need to find section 8 houses for rent in denver?

Administrator answers:

The social worker should have a list for you. Otherwise when you see a place you like, you can call and ask them if they accept it or not. Some people don’t like to ask right over the phone because it may be frowned upon if it’s a more expensive and higher end place. So you can just set up an appointment to see the place, make a great first impression, then ask. Some managers who don’t normally accept it or some may never even have heard of it, may decide to accept it once they see what responsible tenants you will be.

Sharon asks…

where do i found a list of section 8 houses for rent in yolo county?

Administrator answers:

If you move to Idaho like I did you can afford to buy a beautiful house instead of pouring hundreds per month down the toilet renting in Yolo county or anywhere in California.

Check it:

Charles asks…

Is there any Section 8 houses out there for rent? In WA State, Thurston County Area???? Please Help!?

Looking for a 3 to 4 bdrm/2 bath/2 car garage House for Rent in WA State, in the Thurston County Area. Olympia or Lacey, WA. We have to move out of our house by June 30th. We pay $950 on Section 8 Housing Voucher..and are willing to pay the same or a little more. If anyone in this area can help us it would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

Yahoo! Answers ROCK!

Administrator answers:

Go on to the hud user data base and find out how to use it. It will give you a local housing agent and has other info on where to find sect 8 landlords

Sandra asks…

a list of section 8 houses for rent in cleveland, ohio?

need at least 4 bedrooms for 2 adults and 5 under 21 year olds in the cleveland, ohio area

Administrator answers:

Your social worker should be able to supply you with a list of landlords accepting section 8.

Donald asks…

how do i get a list of on line section 8 houses for rent,a web site that is free ,las vegas area ?

Administrator answers:

That’s not going to happen.
Just because that would require a full time webmaster to keep up with all the changes.
A big place like LV is going to have two section 8 offices.
One for the city and another for the county.
All of those offices should have current listings but they change daily.
It’s possible to call an office have them Fax you a current listing.
The only other choice you have is the newspaper will have some listings the say section 8 approved. But if you find a place you like just call and ask the owner if he’ll take it.


Keep in mind there steps you’ll have to follow.
Once you find a place it will be inspected before it can be aproved even if it was aproved in the past.
You can move in before that but if it fails inspection you may be stuck with the lease.

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